Email::Sender - a library for sending email

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Email::Sender::Transport::QMQP - send mail via QMQP

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Email::Sender::Transport::SMTPS - Email::Sender joins Net::SMTPS

This transport is used to send email over SMTP, either with or without secure sockets (SSL/TLS). it uses the great Net::SMTPS. that's based on a patch for Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP. <

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Exception::Reporter::Sender::Email - a report sender that sends detailed dumps via email

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Email::Sender::Transport::SQLite - deliver mail to an sqlite db for testing

This transport makes deliveries to an SQLite database, creating it if needed. The SQLite transport is intended for testing programs that fork or that otherwise can't use the Test transport. It is not meant for robust, long-term storage of mail. The d...

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Email::Sender::Transport::Mailgun - Mailgun transport for Email::Sender

This transport delivers mail via Mailgun's messages.mime API. Why use this module? The SMTP transport can also be used to send messages through Mailgun. In this case, Mailgun options must be specified with Mailgun-specific MIME headers. This module e...

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Email::Sender::Transport::Redirect - Intercept all emails and redirect them to a specific address

Transport wrapper for Email::Sender which intercepts all emails and redirects them to a specific address. This transport changes the "To" and "CC" header in the email and adds a "X-Intercepted-To" and "X-Intercepted-CC" header with the original recip...

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  • Amazon::SES - Perl extension that implements Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) client

Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP::TLS - Email::Sender with Net::SMTP::TLS (Eg. Gmail)

If you have never used it before, please try Email::Sender::Transport::SMTPS instead. it's recommended. Email::Sender replaces the old and sometimes problematic Email::Send library, while this module replaces the Email::Send::SMTP::TLS. It is still a...

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Dancer::Plugin::EmailSender - Easily use Email::Sender from Dancer

This plugin makes constructing and sending emails from Dancer applications as simple and flexible as possible. Since it uses Email::Sender, in many cases, no explicit configuration may be required, though several configuration options are available....

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Log::Dispatch::Email::MailSender - Subclass of Log::Dispatch::Email that uses the Mail::Sender module

This is a subclass of Log::Dispatch::Email that implements the send_email method using the Mail::Sender module....

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Eve::Email - a wrapper for the Email::Sender::Simple library.

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Mojar::Message::Smtp - Lightweight email sender.

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CAM::EmailTemplate - Template-based email message sender

CAM::EmailTemplate extends CAM::Template for sending template-based email messages. The mechanism for sending is 'sendmail -i -t' so this module requires that the computer is a Unixish machine set up for sending. Many simple but handy sanity tests ar...

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Mail::SPF::Query - query Sender Policy Framework for an IP,email,helo

There are two ways to use Mail::SPF::Query. Your choice depends on whether the domains your server is an MX for have secondary MXes which your server doesn't know about. The first and more common style, calling ->result(), is suitable when all mail i...

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  • spfquery - checks if an IP address is an SPF-authorized SMTP sender for a domain

Class::DBI::Factory::Mailer - a simple, replaceable email-sender

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ec - Mail reader and composer for Unix and Perl/Tk.

Ec can send and receive mail to and from remote POP3 and SMTP servers, or route mail using sendmail, qmail, or exim. Ec can filter and store incoming messages in user configurable folders. With no additional configuration, ec routes mail to the Incom...

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CAM::EmailTemplate::SMTP - Net::SMTP based email message sender

This package is exactly like CAM::EmailTemplate except that it uses the Perl Net::SMTP package to deliver mail instead of a local sendmail executable. To accomplish this, the programmer must configure the mailhost before attempting to send. See READM...

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