Error::Base - Simple structured errors with full backtrace

*J'avais cru plus difficile de mourir.* -- Louis XIV Die early, die often. Make frequent sanity checks and die when a check fails. See neat dumps of the caller stack with each error. Construct a group of error messages in one object or write error te...

XIONG/Error-Base-v1.0.2 - 12 Feb 2013 07:13:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Error::Hierarchy::Base - Base class for hierarchical exception classes

This class is internal, so you're not supposed to use it....

MARCEL/Error-Hierarchy-1.103530 - 19 Dec 2010 21:26:07 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::OpenSVN - An automated interface for

SHLOMIF/WWW-OpenSVN-v0.1.5 - 06 Dec 2015 11:05:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Helios::Error::BaseError - base exception class for Helios services

Helios::Error::BaseError is the base class for all the exception classes in the Helios::Error hierarchy. You can distinguish between Helios errors and other exceptions attempting to catch Helios::Error::BaseError rather than each specific class in th...

LHELION/Helios-2.83 - 16 Aug 2015 19:04:14 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Latemp::GenMakeHelpers - A Latemp Utility Module.

SHLOMIF/HTML-Latemp-GenMakeHelpers-0.3.3 - 28 Dec 2015 19:28:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Types::Serialiser - simple data types for common serialisation formats

This module provides some extra datatypes that are used by common serialisation formats such as JSON or CBOR. The idea is to have a repository of simple/small constants and containers that can be shared by different implementations so they become int...

MLEHMANN/Types-Serialiser-1.0 - 30 Nov 2013 18:33:51 GMT - Search in distribution

TryCatch::Error - A simple error base class.

PFIG/TryCatch-Error-0.01 - 18 Mar 2009 21:42:58 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Framework::Base::Object::ErrorHandle - Adds error handling to basic object

Any object derived from this class can throw an error and some registered error handler will catch (and handle) that error. Hierarchy of catch handlers is: catch_fn set for this object instance any registered global catch function (last registered fi...

SDPRICE/App-Framework-1.07 - 28 Jul 2016 07:12:11 GMT - Search in distribution

EO - A generic base class

This is a base class for the EO module tree. EO is designed to be a well tested, solid, simple, and long living base class that other modules can rely on. EO inherits from Class::Accessor::Chained, and anything that inherits from it can easily create...

JDUNCAN/EO-0.96 - 18 Jan 2005 21:20:18 GMT - Search in distribution

LS - Perl module for building clients and servers which resolve and perform metadata queries on LSIDs.

The LS module is used for building clients and servers which resolve LSIDs and perform metadata queries on LSIDs. More information on LSIDs can be found at <> makeAccessorMethods( $methodList, $package ) Cre...

EKAWAS/lsid-perl-1.1.7 - 05 Nov 2007 19:38:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::Reporter - base-class and error reporter for Mail::Box

The "Mail::Reporter" class is the base class for all classes, except Mail::Message::Field::Fast because it would become slow... This base class is used during initiation of the objects, and for configuring and logging error messages....

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This chapter is a reference for porting code and configuration files from mod_perl 1.0 to mod_perl 2.0. To learn about the porting process you should first read about porting Perl modules (and may be about porting XS modules). As it will be explained...

SHAY/mod_perl-2.0.9   (4 reviews) - 18 Jun 2015 21:16:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::ErrorHandler - Base class for error handling

*Class::ErrorHandler* provides an error-handling mechanism that's generic enough to be used as the base class for a variety of OO classes. Subclasses inherit its two error-handling methods, *error* and *errstr*, to communicate error messages back to ...

TOKUHIROM/Class-ErrorHandler-0.04 - 10 May 2015 22:09:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Fault::ErrorHandler - A base error handler class.

This Class does not have instance objects, only a single 'Class Object'. It is always referenced under the Class name. This makes it very easy for code at any level or location within a system to send error messages in a predetermined manner. While t...

DALEAMON/Fault-1.01-2 - 31 Aug 2008 12:36:02 GMT - Search in distribution

TX - a simple template system based on Text::Template::Library

"Text::Template::Base" and "Text::Template::Library" are good at processing single templates. They lack the ability to manage sets of template files. This module adds that functionality in a (what I think) user friendly manner. The most important fun...

OPI/TX-0.09 - 14 Jun 2010 16:05:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Su - A simple application layer to divide and integrate data and processes in the Perl program.

Su is a simple application framework that works as a thin layer to divide data and process in your Perl program. This framework aims an ease of maintenance and extension of your application. Su is a thin application layer, so you can use Su with many...

LOTTZ/Su-0.110 - 02 Dec 2012 15:33:55 GMT - Search in distribution

bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language

*bc* is a language that supports arbitrary precision numbers with interactive execution of statements. There are some similarities in the syntax to the C programming language. A standard math library is available by command line option. If requested,...

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  • bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language

base - Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time

Unless you are using the "fields" pragma, consider this module discouraged in favor of the lighter-weight "parent". Allows you to both load one or more modules, while setting up inheritance from those modules at the same time. Roughly similar in effe...

RJBS/base-2.23   (3 reviews) - 21 Nov 2015 18:19:20 GMT - Search in distribution
  • fields - compile-time class fields

ORM - Object relational mapper for Perl.

ORM is Perl library that implements object-relational mapping. Its features are much similar to those of Java's Hibernate library, but interface is much different and easier to use. Please start reading with ORM::Tutorial. General features * Inherita...

AKIMOV/ORM-0.85.1 - 14 Apr 2013 11:36:38 GMT - Search in distribution
  • ORM::Auto - is module for auto create all nedded ORM classes for connected to database.
  • ORM::Tutorial - Guided tour to ORM module.

TM - Topic Maps, Base Class

This class implements directly so-called *materialized* topic maps, i.e. those maps which completely reside in memory. Non-materialized and non-materializable maps can be implemented by deriving from this class by overloading one or all of the sub-in...

DRRHO/TM-1.56 - 08 Nov 2010 06:58:01 GMT - Search in distribution