Etherpad::API - Access Etherpad Lite API easily

[deprecated] Use Etherpad instead. This module inherits from Etherpad without changing a thing for compatibility with applications that still use it. This module will be removed after 18 July 2016. It will not get any update. To use Etherpad, just ch...

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Etherpad - interact with Etherpad API

Client module for the Etherpad HTTP API. The Etherpad API currently supported is the 1.2.12 (Etherpad version: 1.5.6) This module aims to replace Etherpad::API...

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padconsole - manage your etherpad from the console

Provides a console to manage an etherpad instance. Get infos about pads, delete them, etc. --help prints a help message and exit --version prints version and exit -e URL of the etherpad instance -k secretPadApiKey API key for t...

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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