Event::ExecFlow - High level API for event-based execution flow control

Event::ExecFlow offers a high level API to declare jobs, which mainly execute external commands, parse their output to get progress or other status information, triggers actions when the command has been finished etc. Such jobs can be chained togethe...

JRED/Event-ExecFlow-0.64 - 05 Jan 2010 20:29:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::ExecFlow - Display a Event::ExecFlow job plan

This class implements a Event::ExecFlow job plan viewer in a Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory framework using a Gtk2::TreeView to display the hierarchical job structure. Besides updating the whole TreeView by assigning a new Event::ExecFlow::Job object to the w...

JRED/Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory-0.67 - 11 Aug 2011 10:39:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Event::RPC::Client - Client API to connect to Event::RPC Servers

Use this module to write clients accessing objects and methods exported by a Event::RPC driven server. Just connect to the server over the network, optionally with SSL and user authentication, and then simply use the exported classes and methods like...

JRED/Event-RPC-1.08 - 27 Sep 2015 08:14:07 GMT - Search in distribution

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