ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::PBP - Create a Perl extension in the style of Damian Conway's Perl Best Practices

ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::PBP subclasses Perl extension ExtUtils::ModuleMaker. If you are not already familiar with ExtUtils::ModuleMaker, you should read its documentation *now*. The documentation provided below is intended primarily for future maintai...

JKEENAN/ExtUtils-ModuleMaker-PBP-0.09 - 05 Apr 2006 23:10:37 GMT - Search in distribution

ExtUtils::ModuleMaker - Better than h2xs for creating modules

This module is a replacement for the most typical use of the h2xs utility bundled with all Perl distributions: the creation of the directories and files required for a pure-Perl module to be installable with make and distributable on the Comprehensiv...

JKEENAN/ExtUtils-ModuleMaker-0.56 - 30 Jan 2017 17:01:06 GMT - Search in distribution

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