FCGI::EV::Std - Handler class to use with FCGI::EV

This module must be used together with FCGI::EV. It will handle CGI requests received by FCGI::EV. Both blocking and non-blocking CGI request handling supported. It will validate size of STDIN: do not accept size larger than configured in $MAX_STDIN ...

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FCGI::EV - Implement FastCGI protocol for use in EV-based applications

This module implement FastCGI protocol for use in EV-based applications. (That mean you have to run EV::loop in your application or this module will not work.) It receive and parse data from web server, pack and send data to web server, but it doesn'...

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CGI::Easy - simple and straightforward helpers to make CGI easy

This documentation is an overview of CGI::Easy::* modules. For detailed information about corner cases and available features you should consult corresponding module documentation: CGI::Easy::Request, CGI::Easy::Headers, CGI::Easy::Session. If you wa...

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