HTTP::File - Routines to deal with HTML input type file. ++

HTTP::File is a module to facilitate file uploads from HTML file input.It detects the basename of the raw file across MacOS, Windows, and Unix/Linux platforms. sub platform Uses a subset of the functionality of HTTP::Headers::UserAgent to determine t...

TBONE/HTTP-File-4.0 - 24 Sep 2007 01:00:50 GMT - Search in distribution

File::HTTP - open, read and seek into remote files and directories transparently ++

"File::HTTP" open, read and seek into remote files and directories transparently open [MODE] FILE stat FH or FILE Imported with the :open or :all tags. Act exaclty as CORE::open and CORE::stat, but also work with remote HTTP files. Falls back to CORE...

TDRUGEON/File-HTTP-0.91 - 28 Aug 2013 15:16:58 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Session::Store::File - File session store ++

file store for HTTP::Session CONFIGURATION dir path to session directory METHODS select update delete insert for internal use only AUTHORS Kazuho Oku SEE ALSO HTTP::Session ...

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lib/Padre/File/ 33 ++
PLAVEN/Padre-1.00   (2 reviews) - 09 Nov 2013 05:08:58 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Rex/Interface/File/ 37 ++
JFRIED/Rex-1.0.0 - 08 Mar 2015 19:12:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Nile::HTTP::SendFile - Send files to browser. 1 ++

Nile::HTTP::SendFile - Send files to browser. Bugs This project is available on github at <>. HOMEPAGE Please visit the project's homepage at <>. SOURCE Source repository is at <https://...

MEWSOFT/Nile-0.55 - 14 Oct 2014 09:32:49 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::EV::MultipartFile - represents file received by HTTP::Server::EV ++
NYAKNYAN/HTTP-Server-EV-0.69 - 01 Mar 2015 21:19:56 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/MogileFS/ ++
DORMANDO/MogileFS-Client-1.17 - 08 Aug 2013 03:38:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache::Queue - An HTTP file queueing system. ++

An HTTP file queueing system. Allow visitors to "line up" to download files. SEE ALSO mod_perl(3), Apache(3) AUTHOR Donald Becker - ...

PSYON/Apache-Queue-0.6 - 09 Feb 2006 02:19:48 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::XMLPost - receive XML file as an HTTP POST ++

CGI::XMLPost is a lightweight module for receiving XML documents in the body of an HTTP request. It provides some utility methods that make it easier to work in a CGI environment without requiring any further modules. METHODS new This is the construc...

JSTOWE/CGI-XMLPost-1.5 - 12 May 2006 10:40:15 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::AppServer::Plugin::FileRetriever - Plugin for HTTP::AppServer that retrieves files from a document root. ++

Plugin for HTTP::AppServer that retrieves files from a document root. Plugin configuration DocRoot => *dir* Defines the document root directory where the files are retrieved from. Installed URL handlers FileRetriever handles all URLs matching '^\/(.*...

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A 12 ++
PHRED/mod_perl-2.0.8   (4 reviews) - 18 Apr 2013 02:15:56 GMT - Search in distribution

p - command-line read-write access to 1 ++

p is a simple command line program to write to (and read from) the pastebin <>, which runs WWW::Hashbang::Pastebin. Writing Provide input on stdin to "p" to paste it to the pastebin. Provide the --lang option to specify syntax hig...

DOHERTY/WWW-Hashbang-Pastebin-Client-0.003 - 30 May 2012 02:03:14 GMT - Search in distribution

p - Steroids for your perl one-liners. 8 ++
IRONCAMEL/App-p-0.0304 - 10 Feb 2013 07:53:56 GMT - Search in distribution
  • App::p - Steroids for your perl one-liners.

v6 - A Perl 6 implementation 3 ++

The "v6" module is a front-end to the "Perlito" compiler. Alternate backend modules can be installed. For example, the "Mildew" compiler can be used as: use v6-mildew; REQUIREMENTS - The source file header must be valid perl5 *and* perl6 code. This i...

FGLOCK/v6-0.044 - 26 Oct 2011 19:47:14 GMT - Search in distribution

SQ - easily have a string containing single quote (') from the command line. ++

This module can be used from the command line to provide a package-scope variables that contain a single quote - $S . It should not be used from a program or a module written in a text editor. VERSION Version 0.0.1 EXPORTS $S Contains a string of the...

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