File::Maker - mimics a make by loading a database and calling targets methods

When porting low level C code from one architecture to another, makefiles do provide some level of automation and save some time. However, once Perl or another high-level language is up and running, the high-level language usually allows much more ef...

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JINGRAM/Data-Maker-0.29 - 24 Feb 2013 05:20:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::FileMaker - Interact with FileMaker services

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MARC::File::MARCMaker - Work with MARCMaker/MARCBreaker records.

The MARC-File-MARCMaker distribution is an extension to the MARC-Record distribution for working with MARC21 data using the format used by the Library of Congress MARCMaker and MARCBreaker programs. More information may be obtained here: <http://www....

EIJABB/MARC-File-MARCMaker-0.05 - 30 Oct 2005 16:09:53 GMT - Search in distribution

CDB_File_Thawed - Storable thaw() values in a CDB_File

This module is a small wrapper around CDB_File which makes sure to use Storable's nfreeze() and thaw() methods to store values. CDB_File is an interface to Dan Berstein's Constant DataBase library, which as the name implies is a fast, reliable, simpl...

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a template for "Makefile.PL" (with ExtUtils::MakeMaker)....

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File::History - It is a simple history file maker.

File::History is simpel history file maker...

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Slay::Makefile - Wrapper to Slay::Maker that reads the rules from a file

"Slay::Maker" is a make engine that uses perl declaration syntax for rules, including regular expressions for targets and anonymous subs for targets, dependencies, and actions. This "Slay::Makefile" wrapper allows for the rules to be contained within...

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dim - Distribution Maker

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Teng - very simple DBI wrapper/ORMapper

Teng is very simple DBI wrapper and simple O/R Mapper. It aims to be lightweight, with minimal dependencies so it's easier to install....

SATOH/Teng-0.28 - 26 Feb 2015 06:49:38 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC - Perl extension to manipulate MAchine Readable Cataloging records. is a Perl 5 module for reading in, manipulating, and outputting bibliographic records in the *USMARC* format. You will need to have Perl 5.004 or greater for to work properly. Since it is a Perl module you use from one of your...

BBIRTH/MARC-1.07 - 24 Apr 2000 03:34:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Path::Maker - make files and directories as scaffolding

Path::Maker helps you make files or directories as scaffolding. When I wrote a CLI script for mojo, I found that Mojolicious::Command is very useful. This module provides some functionality of that module with template syntax Text::MicroTemplate. CON...

SKAJI/Path-Maker-0.004 - 27 Jul 2014 06:24:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Mousse - A Light and Tasty Moose for CPAN Authors

Mousse is the easiest way to get Moose support for your OO CPAN module. Mousse adds NO prerequisite dependencies to your CPAN module. Mousse has the same performance qualities as the zippy Mouse::Tiny. Mousse is enabled by adding one line to your Mak...

INGY/Mousse-0.15 - 04 Jun 2011 17:28:46 GMT - Search in distribution

libev - a high performance full-featured event loop written in C

MLEHMANN/EV-4.22   (5 reviews) - 20 Dec 2015 01:35:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Thorium - Configuration management framework

AFLOTT/Thorium-0.510 - 29 Sep 2011 01:14:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Config::Maker - File (especialy config) generation library.

This is the main module for Config::Maker file generation library. It provides generic rules for the parser and few routines used from them. For usage description see the configit(1) manpage. For details about varous parts of the library see respecti...

BULB/Config-Maker-0.007 - 17 Apr 2005 20:39:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Perl::Maker - Make a Custom Perl with Modules

Perl::Maker creates a custom Perl installation, complete with an entire set of modules, based on a simple YAML specification. You can share the installation as a system package (like Debian for instance). You can also share the YAML specification, or...

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