File::Searcher::Similars - Fast similar-files finder ++

Extremely fast file similarity checker. It uses advanced soundex vector algorithm to determine the similarity between files. Generally it means that if there are n files, each having approximately m words, the degree of calculation is merely O(n^2 * ...

SUNTONG/File-Similars-1.7 - 31 Oct 2008 17:13:36 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Searcher::Interactive - Searches for files and performs search/replacements on matching files, uses terminal to make the searches interactive. ++

"File::Searcher::Interactive" is a sub-class of "File::Searcher" which allows for the traversing of a directory tree for files matching a Perl regular expression. When a match is found, the statistics are stored and if the file is a text file a serie...

ASTUBBS/File-Searcher-Interactive-0.9 - 03 Sep 2001 16:52:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Sman - Tool for searching and indexing man pages ++

Sman is the Searcher for Man pages. It depends on an index which is built by the included sman-update which by default resides in /var/lib/sman/sman.index. The two included progams, sman and sman-update, will both search for the first configuration f...

JOSHR/Sman-1.03   (2 reviews) - 27 May 2008 23:33:17 GMT - Search in distribution
  • sman - Perl program for searching man pages indexes built with sman-update

cme - Check or edit configuration data with Config::Model ++

Depending on the commmand described below, "cme" program will use Config::Model configuration descriptions to check or modify or fix configuration files. The 3rd parameter specify the application you want to work on. Most of the time, the relevant co...

DDUMONT/App-Cme-1.002 - 10 Jan 2015 15:19:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Lucy - Apache Lucy search engine library. 14 ++

The Apache Lucy search engine library delivers high-performance, modular full-text search. Features * Extremely fast. A single machine can handle millions of documents. * Scalable to multiple machines. * Incremental indexing (addition/deletion of doc...

CREAMYG/Lucy-0.4.2 - 31 Dec 2014 03:15:36 GMT - Search in distribution

dezi - Dezi server app 3 ++

Dezi is a search platform based on Apache Lucy, Swish3, Plack, Search::OpenSearch and Search::Query. Dezi integrates several CPAN search libraries into one easy-to-use interface. If you haven't yet read it, the Dezi::Tutorial is a good place to start...

KARMAN/Dezi-0.004001 - 02 Sep 2014 02:45:00 GMT - Search in distribution

cme-old - Edit data of configuration managed by Config::Model (deprecated implementation of cme) 2 ++

Depending on the commmand described below, "cme" program will use Config::Model configuration descriptions to check or modify or fix configuration files. The 3rd parameter specify the application you want to work on. Most of the time, the relevant co...

DDUMONT/Config-Model-2.067 - 01 Mar 2015 18:38:28 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::PGXN - Interface to PGXN mirrors and the PGXN API ++
DWHEELER/WWW-PGXN-v0.12.4 - 06 Nov 2013 05:56:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Dezi::Lucy - Dezi Apache Lucy backend 1 ++

STOP: Read the Dezi and Dezi::App documentation before you use this module. Dezi::Lucy is an Apache Lucy based implementation of Dezi::App using the SWISH::3 bindings for libswish3. Dezi::Lucy is to Apache Lucy what Solr or ElasticSearch is to Lucene...

KARMAN/Dezi-App-0.013 - 02 Sep 2014 02:41:46 GMT - Search in distribution

PGXN::API - Maintain and serve a REST API to search PGXN mirrors ++
DWHEELER/PGXN-API-v0.16.3 - 19 Jun 2013 06:32:16 GMT - Search in distribution

KinoSearch1 - search engine library ++

KinoSearch1 is a loose port of the Java search engine library Apache Lucene, written in Perl and C. The archetypal application is website search, but it can be put to many different uses. Features * Extremely fast and scalable - can handle millions o...

CREAMYG/KinoSearch1-1.01   (2 reviews) - 28 Oct 2010 05:26:42 GMT - Search in distribution

KinoSearch - Search engine library. ++

KinoSearch is a high-performance, modular search engine library. Features * Extremely fast. A single machine can handle millions of documents. * Scalability to multiple machines. * Incremental indexing (addition/deletion of documents to/from an exist...

CREAMYG/KinoSearch-0.315   (4 reviews) - 16 Apr 2012 21:20:13 GMT - Search in distribution

SWISH::Prog - information retrieval application framework ++

SWISH::Prog is a full-text search framework based on Swish-e (<>). SWISH::Prog tries to fill a niche similar to Data::SearchEngine or DBI: providing a uniform and flexible interface to several different search engine tools and libr...

KARMAN/SWISH-Prog-0.75 - 11 Dec 2013 23:15:27 GMT - Search in distribution

News::Search - Usenet news searching toolkit ++

News::Search searches Usenet news postings. It can be used to search local news groups that google doesn't cover. Or, even for news groups that are covered by google, it can give you all the hits in one file, in the format that you prescribed. You ca...

SUNTONG/News-Search-1.15 - 05 Nov 2008 02:08:02 GMT - Search in distribution

proxyhunter - free proxy searcher and checker 1 ++

"proxyhunter" may be used to find free proxies, it performs searching using available adapters for search engines (like Google and so on). All found proxies may be checked for availability, proxy type and speed. "proxyhunter" uses database as storage...

OLEG/proxyhunter-0.02 - 13 Sep 2014 09:15:31 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::IO::Search - query a database and generate SQL ++

This class enables reports to be run on a particular table or view based on a set of criteria. The criteria are stored in an array - $critlist where each criterion is one of 3 types depending on the operator: scalar - This type supports the <=, >=, =...

RSANDBERG/DBIx-IO-1.07 - 12 Jul 2008 03:48:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Search::Circa - a Search Engine / Indexer running with Mysql ++

This is Search::Circa, a module who provide functions to perform search on Circa, a www search engine running with Mysql. Circa is for your Web site, or for a list of sites. It indexes like Altavista does. It can read, add and parse all url's found i...

ALIAN/Search-Circa-1.18 - 02 Jan 2003 12:35:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::HTMLEmbed - Make clean html snippets from POD ++

This module generates small and clean HTML from POD file. Unlike other pod2html modules, this module enables you to get section based html snippets. For example, you can get an html for SYNOPSIS section by following code: my $html = $pod->section('SY...

TYPESTER/Pod-HTMLEmbed-0.04 - 05 Sep 2011 07:57:03 GMT - Search in distribution

PDL::AutoLoader - MatLab style AutoLoader for PDL 20 ++

This module implements a MatLab style AutoLoader for PDL. If an unknown function "func()" is called, PDL looks for a file called "func.pdl". If it finds one, it compiles the file and calls the function "func". The list of directories to search in is ...

CHM/PDL-2.007   (2 reviews) - 12 Oct 2013 16:57:07 GMT - Search in distribution
  • PDL::Doc::Perldl - commands for accessing PDL doc database from 'perldl' shell

SWISH::Prog::KSx - Swish3 KinoSearch backend ++

STOP: Read the SWISH::Prog documentation before you use this module. SWISH::Prog::KSx is a KinoSearch-based implementation of Swish3, using the SWISH::3 bindings for libswish3. See the SWISH::Prog docs for more information about the class hierarchy a...

KARMAN/SWISH-Prog-KSx-0.21 - 03 Apr 2012 02:10:04 GMT - Search in distribution