File::Stat::Moose - Status info for a file - Moose-based ++

This class provides methods that returns status info for a file. It is the OO-style version of stat/lstat functions. It also throws an exception immediately after error is occurred....

DEXTER/File-Stat-Moose-0.06   (1 review) - 30 Jan 2009 13:28:27 GMT - Search in distribution

PIR - Short alias for Path::Iterator::Rule 16 ++

This is an empty subclass of Path::Iterator::Rule. It saves you from having to type the full name repeatedly, which is particularly handy for one-liners: $ perl -MPIR -wE 'say for PIR->new->skip_dirs(".")->perl_module->all(@INC)'...

DAGOLDEN/Path-Iterator-Rule-1.008 - 04 Feb 2014 22:41:44 GMT - Search in distribution

perl5i - Fix as much of Perl 5 as possible in one pragma 22 ++

Perl 5 has a lot of warts. There's a lot of individual modules and techniques out there to fix those warts. perl5i aims to pull the best of them together into one module so you can turn them on all at once. This includes adding features, changing exi...

MSCHWERN/perl5i-v2.13.1 - 02 Jan 2015 04:21:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Reindeer - Moose with more antlers 3 ++

Like Moose? Use MooseX::* extensions? Maybe some MooseX::Types libraries? Hate that you have to use them in every. Single. Class. Reindeer aims to resolve that :) Reindeer _is_ Moose -- it's just Moose with a number of the more useful/popular extensi...

RSRCHBOY/Reindeer-0.018 - 29 Mar 2015 04:12:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Saraltest - Perl extension for blah blah blah ++

Stub documentation for Saraltest, created by h2xs. It looks like the author of the extension was negligent enough to leave the stub unedited....

MARSAB/Saraltest - 26 Aug 2011 10:57:44 GMT - Search in distribution

strictures - turn on strict and make all warnings fatal 14 ++

I've been writing the equivalent of this module at the top of my code for about a year now. I figured it was time to make it shorter. Things like the importer in "use Moose" don't help me because they turn warnings on but don't make them fatal -- whi...

HAARG/strictures-2.000000   (1 review) - 26 Feb 2015 09:33:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Mason::Interp - Mason Interpreter 14 ++

Interp is the central Mason object, returned from "Mason->new". It is responsible for creating new requests, compiling components, and maintaining the cache of loaded components....

JSWARTZ/Mason-2.23 - 07 Feb 2015 14:27:59 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::Moose::Handle - Reimplementation of IO::Handle with improvements ++

This class extends IO::Handle with following differences: * It is based on Moose object framework. * The "stat" method returns File::Stat::Moose object. * It uses Exception::Base for signaling errors. Most of methods are throwing exception on failure...

DEXTER/IO-Moose-0.1004   (1 review) - 29 Oct 2009 12:15:13 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Fetchware - App::Fetchware is Fetchware's API used to make extensions. 2 ++

App::Fetchware represents fetchware's API. For ducumentation on how to use App::Fetchware's fetchware command line interface see fetchware. It is the heart and soul of fetchware where all of fetchware's main behaviors are kept. It is fetchware's API,...

DLY/App-Fetchware-1.014 - 13 Sep 2014 00:57:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::EyeDrops - Visual Programming in Perl 5 ++

"Acme::EyeDrops" converts a Perl program into an equivalent one, but without all those unsightly letters and numbers. In a Visual Programming breakthrough, EyeDrops allows you to pour the generated program into various shapes, such as UML diagrams, e...

ASAVIGE/Acme-EyeDrops-1.62   (2 reviews) - 12 Apr 2015 06:43:50 GMT - Search in distribution

File::DigestStore - Digested hierarchical storage of files ++

This module is used to take large files (or strings) and store them on disk with a name based on the hashed file contents, returning said hash. This hash is much shorter than the data and is much more easily stored in a database than the original fil...

MOOLI/File-DigestStore-1.008 - 26 Oct 2011 19:06:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Sandbox - Fast template engine sandboxed from your application. ++

Template::Sandbox is Yet Another Templating module, designed primarily for use in a webserver environment but usable anywhere, providing a more secure "sandboxed" environment than most templating systems. The core design philosophy for Template::Sand...

SGRAHAM/Template-Sandbox-1.04 - 11 May 2010 09:08:09 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Util::Manual - File::Util Reference 2 ++
TOMMY/File-Util-4.132140 - 02 Aug 2013 17:14:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Response - stores output responding to the current client request 118 ++

This is the Catalyst Response class, which provides methods for responding to the current client request. The appropriate Catalyst::Engine for your environment will turn the Catalyst::Response into a HTTP Response and return it to the client....

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90085   (18 reviews) - 25 Mar 2015 18:58:11 GMT - Search in distribution

MooseX::RW::Reader::File - A Moose::Role file reader ++
FREDERICD/MooseX-RW-0.003 - 28 Mar 2012 07:25:37 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Filesys::Notify - An AnyEvent compatible module to monitor files/directories for changes 5 ++

This module provides a cross platform interface to monitor files and directories within an AnyEvent event loop. The heavy lifting is done by Linux::INotify2 or Mac::FSEvents on their respective O/S. A fallback which scans the directories at regular i...

MGRIMES/AnyEvent-Filesys-Notify-1.16 - 27 Feb 2015 19:13:38 GMT - Search in distribution

MooseX::AttributeShortcuts - Shorthand for common attribute options 11 ++

Ever find yourself repeatedly specifying writers and builders, because there's no good shortcut to specifying them? Sometimes you want an attribute to have a read-only public interface, but a private writer. And wouldn't it be easier to just say "bui...

RSRCHBOY/MooseX-AttributeShortcuts-0.028 - 08 Apr 2015 03:46:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Manual::Cookbook - Cooking with Catalyst 38 ++

Yummy code like your mum used to bake!...

ETHER/Catalyst-Manual-5.9009   (3 reviews) - 13 Dec 2014 18:22:20 GMT - Search in distribution

POE::Component::DirWatch::Object::Touched ++

POE::Component::DirWatch::Object::Touched extends DirWatch::Object::NewFile in order to exclude files that have already been processed, but still pick up files that have been changed....

RRWO/POE-Component-DirWatch-Object-0.1200 - 28 Jan 2015 18:15:44 GMT - Search in distribution

CPAN::Changes::Group::Dependencies::Stats - Create a Dependencies::Stats section detailing summarized differences ++
KENTNL/CPAN-Changes-Group-Dependencies-Stats-0.002004 - 30 Aug 2014 11:47:06 GMT - Search in distribution