File::System - A virtual file system written in pure Perl ++

The File::System library is intended to provide an interface to a file system. Generally, a file system is a heirarchical arrangement of records commonly found on most modern computers. This library attempts to generalize this idea as it pertains to ...

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HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System - abstract class for system S tokens ++

"HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System" is an abstract class for system *S* tokens. CONSTRUCTOR new(OPT_HASH_REF) Creates a new "HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System" object. "OPT_HASH_REF" is a hash reference used to pas...

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DBIx::FileSystem - Manage tables like a filesystem ++

The module DBIx::FileSystem offers you a filesystem like view to database tables. To interact with the database tables, FileSystem implements: - An access class to read the data edited by the shell. - A user interface as a command line shell which of...

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Tie::FileSystem - Access file system via a Perl hash ++

Tie::FileSystem represents file system as a Perl hash. Each hash key corresponds to name of a directory or a file. For example, for a file "/etc/passwd" it will be $data{'etc'}{'passwd'}. Contents of the file "/etc/passwd" becomes a value correspondi...

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  • Tie::FileSystem::System - Helper functions for reading in and processing of system files in the Tie::FileSystem framework.

FileSystem::LL::FAT - Perl extension for low-level access to FAT partitions ++

MBR_2_partitions($sector) ($fields, @partitions) = MBR_2_partitions($sector) or die "Not an MBR"; Takes the first sector as a string, extracts the partition info and other information. Currently the only fields in the hash referenced by $fields is "b...

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Hub::Base::FileSystem - Utility methods for working with the file system ++

Intention PUBLIC METHODS fileopen * Usage: fileopen FILENAME [PARAMS] For platforms which don't flock, create a lockfile for a specified filename. Waits for #winlock_timeout seconds if a lockfile exists (unless READONLY is specified). fileclose * Usa...

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Tk::Wizard::FileSystem - Tk::Wizard pages to allow end-user filesystem access ++

Adds a number of methods to "Tk::Wizard", to allow the end-user to access the filesystem. METHODS addDirSelectPage $wizard->addDirSelectPage ( -variable => \$chosen_dir ) Adds a page ("Tk::Frame") that contains a scrollable tree list of all directori...

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Embedix::DB::FileSystem - FileSystem back-end for Embedix::DB ++

a brief summary of the module written with users in mind. METHODS methods CLASS VARIABLES cvars DIAGNOSTICS error messages COPYRIGHT Copyright (c) 2000,2001 John BEPPU. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/o...

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SystemC::Netlist::File - File containing SystemC code ++

SystemC::Netlist::File allows SystemC files to be read and written. ACCESSORS $self->basename The filename of the file with any path and . suffix stripped off. $self->name The filename of the file. MEMBER FUNCTIONS $self->dump Prints debugging inform...

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Zoidberg::Utils::FileSystem - Filesystem routines 1 ++

This module contains a few routines dealing with files and/or directories. Mainly used to speed up searching $ENV{PATH} by "hashing" the filesystem. Although when working within the Zoidberg framework this module should be used through the Zoidberg::...

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  • zoidfaq - Frequently Asked Questions about Zoidberg
  • zoiddevel - Development documentation for zoid
  • Zoidberg::Shell - A scripting interface to the Zoidberg shell

Wrangler::FileSystem::Layers - Filesystem abstraction for Wrangler ++
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IBM::StorageSystem::FileSystem - Class for operations with a IBM V7000 file system entities ++
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Win32::FileSystem::Watcher - Watch a Win32 file system for changes (asynchronously). ++

TODO SUBROUTINES/METHODS TODO DIAGNOSTICS TODO DEPENDENCIES Win32::API Win32::MMF BUGS AND LIMITATIONS There are no known bugs in this module. Please report problems to Andres N. Kievsky ( Patches are welcome. AUTHOR Andres N. Kievsky ...

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Path::Resolver::Resolver::FileSystem - find files in the filesystem ++
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List::Filter::Library::FileSystem - filters for unix file listings ++

A library of List::Filter filters for use on file listings. See List::Filter::Library::Documentation for a information about the filters defined here. METHODS new Instantiates a new List::Filter::Transform::Library::FileSystem object. init Initialize...

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lib/CogBase/Connection/ ++
INGY/CogBase-0.10 - 03 May 2006 18:30:18 GMT - Search in distribution
  • CogBase - A CogBase Implementation in Perl

DBD::File - Base class for writing file based DBI drivers 173 ++

The DBD::File module is not a true DBI driver, but an abstract base class for deriving concrete DBI drivers from it. The implication is, that these drivers work with plain files, for example CSV files or INI files. The module is based on the SQL::Sta...

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Repository::Simple::Engine::FileSystem - Native file system repository storage ++

This repository maps directly into the native file system. The goal is to make this mapping as direct as possible with very few deviations from native features and functionality. As of this documentation, the storage engine is capable of handling onl...

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Data::ParseBinary::FileSystem::MBR - Parsing the partition table 3 ++
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Quota - Perl interface to file system quotas ++

The Quota module provides access to file system quotas. The quotactl system call or ioctl is used to query or set quotas on the local host, or queries are submitted via RPC to a remote host. Mount tables can be parsed with getmntent and paths can be ...

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