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File::Tail::Scribe - Monitor and send the tail of files to a Scribe logging system. ++

Basically this module connects File::Tail::Dir to Log::Dispatch::Scribe. It monitors files in a given directory (or set of directories), such as Apache log files in /var/log/httpd, and as the log files are written to, takes the changes and sends them...

JJSCHUTZ/File-Tail-Scribe-0.13 - 07 Apr 2010 04:19:28 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Tail::Dir - Tail all matching files in a given set of directories 1 ++

Monitors and processes any lines appended to the end of one or more files in a given list of directories, keeping state between sessions, and using kernel notification of file change events to maximise efficiency. A list of directories is given to mo...

JJSCHUTZ/File-Tail-Dir-0.16 - 27 Sep 2013 06:03:56 GMT - Search in distribution

scribe_cat.pl - Reads log messages from standard input and sends to a scribe instance 1 ++

A simple script that uses the functionality of Log::Dispatch::Scribe to read from standard input and send to a scribe instance. Offers categorisation by regular expression match on the log message. Apache Logging This script is suitable for use with ...

JJSCHUTZ/Log-Dispatch-Scribe-0.05 - 24 Mar 2010 01:25:54 GMT - Search in distribution

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