File::TreeBuilder - Build simple trees of files and directories. ++

This module is used for building small trees of files and directories by describing what is needed in a text string. FUNCTIONS build_tree ($dir, $str) Builds a tree of directories and files under $dir according to the given $str. Returns an empty str...

LUCS/File-TreeBuilder-0.02 - 08 Feb 2011 16:23:04 GMT - Search in distribution

File::LinkTree::Builder - builds a tree of symlinks based on file metadata ++
RJBS/File-LinkTree-Builder-0.006 - 26 Dec 2013 03:34:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Forest::Tree::Builder::SimpleTextFile - Parse trees from indented ASCII files 3 ++

This module replaces Forest::Tree::Reader::SimpleTextFile with a declarative api instead of an imperative one. ATTRIBUTES fh The filehandle to read from. Required. parser A coderef that parses a single line from "fh" and returns the node depth and it...

STEVAN/Forest-0.10 - 18 Dec 2013 13:24:16 GMT - Search in distribution

NG - Newbie::Gift or Next::Generation?? hoho~ ++

Newbie::Gift is a repo lanched by Achilles Xu. He wants to write a sub-language which exports useful keywords as many as possible, has a simple Object-oriented syntax as php4 or java-0.1, and uses callback replace return values as nodejs. Idea comes ...

CHENRYN/NG-0.001 - 18 Apr 2013 11:54:54 GMT - Search in distribution

sbase - Create class which will provide access to HTML files as modules ++

The first thing to never ever forget about HTML::Seamstress is this: There is no magick *anywhere* If you know object-oriented Perl and you are comfortable with conceptualizing HTML as a tree, then you can never get confused. Everything that Seamstre...

TBONE/HTML-Seamstress-6.112830   (1 review) - 10 Oct 2011 16:08:41 GMT - Search in distribution

pQuery - A port of jQuery.js to Perl 10 ++

pQuery is a pragmatic attempt to port the jQuery JavaScript framework to Perl. It is pragmatic in the sense that it switches certain JavaScript idioms for Perl ones, in order to make the use of it concise. A primary goal of jQuery is to "Find things ...

INGY/pQuery-0.23   (3 reviews) - 19 Aug 2014 23:30:55 GMT - Search in distribution

lwptut - An LWP Tutorial 100 ++

LWP (short for "Library for WWW in Perl") is a very popular group of Perl modules for accessing data on the Web. Like most Perl module-distributions, each of LWP's component modules comes with documentation that is a complete reference to its interfa...

ETHER/libwww-perl-6.13   (8 reviews) - 14 Feb 2015 18:45:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Chess::ICC - manipulate the Internet Chess Club from the command line. ++

This is designed to allow one to pull one's game down in PGN format from the Internet Chess Club immediately via the command-line. This is a complimentary means of doing so. Other options are to have your games mailed to you (and wait on mail servers...

TBONE/Chess-ICC-0.02 - 01 Aug 2002 00:37:31 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::PYX - XML to PYX generator ++

After reading about PYX on, I thought it was a pretty cool idea, so I built this, to generate PYX from XML using perl. See for an excellent introduction. The package contains 2 usable packa...

MSERGEANT/XML-PYX-0.07   (1 review) - 21 Jun 2000 17:15:40 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Tree - build and scan parse-trees of HTML 16 ++

HTML-Tree is a suite of Perl modules for making parse trees out of HTML source. It consists of mainly two modules, whose documentation you should refer to: HTML::TreeBuilder and HTML::Element. HTML::TreeBuilder is the module that builds the parse tre...

CJM/HTML-Tree-5.03   (8 reviews) - 23 Sep 2012 01:12:19 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::HTML - Open an HTML file with automatic charset detection 5 ++

IO::HTML provides an easy way to open a file containing HTML while automatically determining its encoding. It uses the HTML5 encoding sniffing algorithm specified in section of the draft standard. The algorithm as implemented here is: 1. If t...

CJM/IO-HTML-1.001 - 28 Jun 2014 17:03:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Palm::Doc - Handler for Palm Doc books ++

Helper for reading and writing Palm Doc books. The interface is based on Palm::ZText since it just makes sense. However, because of the nature of these databases, record-level processing is just a Bad Idea. Use the "text" and "textfile" calls rather ...

CPB/Palm-Doc-1.19 - 12 May 2005 01:41:04 GMT - Search in distribution

xml_grep - grep XML files looking for specific elements 38 ++

xml_grep does a grep on XML files. Instead of using regular expressions it uses XPath expressions (in fact the subset of XPath supported by XML::Twig) the results can be the names of the files or XML elements containing matching elements. SEE ALSO XM...

MIROD/XML-Twig-3.48   (7 reviews) - 30 Mar 2014 09:01:59 GMT - Search in distribution
  • XML::Twig - A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode.

perlfaq6 - Regular Expressions 1 ++

This section is surprisingly small because the rest of the FAQ is littered with answers involving regular expressions. For example, decoding a URL and checking whether something is a number can be handled with regular expressions, but those answers a...

ETHER/perlfaq-5.021009 - 25 Jan 2015 22:36:45 GMT - Search in distribution

wdcompile - parse and compile WebDyne pages 1 ++
ASPEER/WebDyne-1.233 - 18 Apr 2014 03:40:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::RT - CPAN Bundle for RT Dependencies ++
RSPIER/Bundle-RT-0.030601 - 12 Aug 2006 04:53:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Sympa - Sympa dependencies ++

Installing this module will install all the modules needed for running Sympa mailing-list manager, ie: * Archive::Zip * CGI * DB_File * DBI * Digest::MD5 * Encode * File::Copy::Recursive * HTML::FormatText * HTML::StripScripts::Parser * HTML::TreeBui...

GROUSSE/Task-Sympa-1.01 - 07 May 2014 13:55:00 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::DOM - A Perl implementation of the HTML Document Object Model 1 ++

This module implements the HTML Document Object Model by extending the HTML::Tree modules. The HTML::DOM class serves both as an HTML parser and as the document class. The following DOM modules are currently supported: Feature Version (aka level) ---...

SPROUT/HTML-DOM-0.054 - 27 Oct 2014 00:58:50 GMT - Search in distribution

html2latex - HTML to latex converter. ++

html2latex uses HTML::TreeBuilder to parse an HTML file and then it converts the HTML::Element into to a Latex file. Each URL will have a .*html extension stripped. If you use a URL, then the files taken from the Internet will be stored in your ~/.ht...

PETER/html2latex-1.1 - 25 Sep 2000 05:44:56 GMT - Search in distribution

financequant ++

OPTIONS echo "0. exit" echo "1. Operating system info" echo "2. Hostname and dns info" echo "3. Network info" echo "4. Who is online" echo "5. Last logged in users" echo "6. Free and used memory info" echo "7. Create Db" echo "8. Scann IBES for stron...

SANTEX/Finance-Quant-0.09 - 17 Feb 2012 17:47:28 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Finance::Quant - Generic envirorment for Qunatitative Analysis in finance