File::is - file is older? oldest? is newer? newest? similar? the same?

This module is a result of /me not wanting to write: if ($(stat('filename'))[9] < $(stat('tmp/other-filename'))[9]) { do_someting(); }; Instead I wrote a module with ~80 lines of code and ~90 lines of tests for it... So how is the module different fr...

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  • NG - Newbie::Gift or Next::Generation?? hoho~
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File::Fu::File - a filename object

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IO::File - supply object methods for filehandles

"IO::File" inherits from "IO::Handle" and "IO::Seekable". It extends these classes with methods that are specific to file handles....

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File::cd - Easily and safely change directory

The global (and negative) effect of perl builtin function "chdir" is well known (see File::chdir's documentation for more details). And few modules have been created to solve this problem: * File::chdir, by David Golden. * File::pushd, also by David ...

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CC::File - XXX

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File::OM - Output Multiplexer routines

The OM (Output Multiplexer) Perl module provides a general output formatting framework for data that can be represented as a stream of records consisting of element names, values, and comments. Specific conversions are possible to XML, Turtle, JSON, ...

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File::Box - Perl extension for blah blah blah

File::Box serves file path's. It was created to help serving non-module files (like textfiles/templates) in perl module directories and alike. EXPORT None by default....

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MP4::File - Read/Write MP4 files

Please refer to the libmp4v2 documentation for details. FileInfo $info = MP4::File->FileInfo($fileName, $trackId = 0) Optimize $ok = MP4::File->Optimize($fileName, $newFileName = 0, $verbosity = 0) new $mp4 = MP4::File->new() Read $ok = $mp4->Read($f...

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MPE::File - Perl extension for accessing MPE File intrinsics

The primary reference should be the MPE/iX Intrinsic Reference Manual (available at Notice that there are some difference in parameters. For example, I take care of all the delimited strings in HPFOPEN Subrout...

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File::Tee - replicate data sent to a Perl stream

This module is able to replicate data written to a Perl stream into another streams. It is the Perl equivalent of the shell utility tee(1). It is implemeted around "fork", creating a new process for every tee'ed stream. That way, there are no problem...

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URI::file - URI that maps to local file names

The "URI::file" class supports "URI" objects belonging to the *file* URI scheme. This scheme allows us to map the conventional file names found on various computer systems to the URI name space. An old specification of the *file* URI scheme is found ...

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File::Cat - Perl implementation of cat(1)

File::Cat is a module of adventure, danger, and low cunning. With it, you will explore some of the most inane programs ever seen by mortals. No computer should be without one!...

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What does it do?...

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HiD::File - Regular files that are only copied, not processed (e.g., CSS, JS, etc.)

Object class representing "normal" files (ones that HiD just copies from source to destination, without further processing)....

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File::BOM - Utilities for handling Byte Order Marks

This module provides functions for handling unicode byte order marks, which are to be found at the beginning of some files and streams. For details about what a byte order mark is, see <> The intenti...

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File::TTX - Utilities for dealing with TRADOS TTX files

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SWF::File - Create SWF file.

*SWF::File* module can be used to make SWF (Macromedia Flash(R)) movie. *SWF::File* is a subclass of *SWF::BinStream::Write*, so you can pack *SWF::Element::Tag*s in it. METHODS SWF::File->new( [$filename, [Version => $version, FrameRate => $framerat...

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