Finance::Currency::Convert::Custom - Update for Finance::Currency::Convert with ability of own rates updating on the fly.

"Finance::Currency::Convert::Custom" should be useful for people, who needs to have own rates or have own methods for fetching them, but who likes "Finance::Currency::Convert". Its needed because of Finance::Currency::Convert strong dependency of Fin...

DMITRY/Finance-Currency-Convert-Custom-1.00 - 23 May 2009 23:52:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Finance::Quote - Get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges

This module gets stock quotes from various internet sources, including Yahoo! Finance, Fidelity Investments, and the Australian Stock Exchange. There are two methods of using this module -- a functional interface that is deprecated, and an object-ori...

ECOCODE/Finance-Quote-1.38 - 22 Aug 2015 11:26:13 GMT - Search in distribution

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