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FindBin::libs - locate and a 'use lib' or export directories based on $FindBin::Bin. 3 ++

General Use This module will locate directories along the path to $FindBin::Bin and "use lib" or export an array of the directories found. The default is to locate "lib" directories and "use lib" them without printing the list. Options controll wheth...

LEMBARK/FindBin-libs-1.9   (1 review) - 24 May 2014 14:23:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Find::Lib - Helper to smartly find libs to use in the filesystem tree 1 ++

The purpose of this module is to replace use FindBin; use lib "$FindBin::Bin/../bootstrap/lib"; with something shorter. This is specially useful if your project has a lot of scripts (For instance tests scripts). use Find::Lib '../bootstrap/lib'; The ...

YANNK/Find-Lib-1.04   (1 review) - 17 Sep 2011 22:39:34 GMT - Search in distribution

RepRoot - the simplest way to find the root directory of your source code repository ++

When RepRoot is first loaded, it determines which directory your script lives in and looks in there for a file named .reproot. If it doesn't find it there, it will search up the path, one level at a time, until it finds it or errors out. When the .re...

ODIGITY/RepRoot-0.02 - 27 Apr 2006 01:45:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Project::Libs - Add module directories of a project into @INC automatically 3 ++

Project::Libs automatically adds directories that may contain modules which a project depends on. Imagin there's such a project as below: CPAN-standard file arrangement and using git as a SCM (`modules' directory contains git submodules and that's wr...

KENTARO/Project-Libs-0.02 - 05 Aug 2013 08:03:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::SYP - SYP's cozy environment ++
SYP/Bundle-SYP-1.5 - 24 Jun 2014 07:39:33 GMT - Search in distribution

local::lib - create and use a local lib/ for perl modules with PERL5LIB 51 ++

This module provides a quick, convenient way of bootstrapping a user-local Perl module library located within the user's home directory. It also constructs and prints out for the user the list of environment variables using the syntax appropriate for...

HAARG/local-lib-2.000012   (5 reviews) - 12 May 2014 21:15:27 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::MoCo::Fixture - A fixture for testing model components of DBIx::MoCo 1 ++

A fixture loader for DBIx::MoCo. See DBIx::MoCo::Manual::Testing for more details. METHODS fixtures my $f = fixtures(qw/entry bookmark/, { yaml_dir => "../fixtures" }) Automatically loads ../fixtures/entry.yml and ../fixtures/bookmark.yml to the data...

JKONDO/DBIx-MoCo-0.18 - 08 Jun 2008 03:45:52 GMT - Search in distribution

App::local::lib::helper - Make it easy to run code against a local-lib 3 ++

This is an object which provide the functionality to create a local::lib 'helper' script in either the currently loaded local::lib environment or in a target directory of choice. By default the script is called "localenv" and can be used to invoke a ...

JJNAPIORK/App-local-lib-helper-0.07 - 06 Oct 2011 13:39:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Log::Log4perl::Warn::Multiple::EasyInit - trap multiple calls to Log::Log4perl::easy_init ++

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head wondering why your Log::Log4perl output isn't going to the file(s) you expected? Often the culprit is a call to "easy_init()" somewhere in the landscape of modules being used. You could grep-hunt for ...

CHISEL/Log-Log4perl-Warn-Multiple-EasyInit-0.0.1 - 23 Mar 2011 22:55:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::BDD::Cucumber::Manual::Integration - Integrating with Test::Builder 6 ++

How to use Test::BDD::Cucumber in your test suite OVERVIEW You may well want your Cucumber tests to be executed as part of your standard test-suite. Luckily, this is SUPER easy. WELL-COMMENTED EXAMPLE #!perl use strict; use warnings; use FindBin::lib...

SARGIE/Test-BDD-Cucumber-0.26 - 21 Jun 2014 09:08:01 GMT - Search in distribution

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