HTTP::Engine::FirePHP::Dispatcher - An extension of FirePHP::Dispatcher

This class extends FirePHP::Dispatcher so that after headers are manipulated, "finalize()" is called. That way the developer who wants to log to FirePHP doesn't have to worry about administrativa. The performance impact is minimal, especially since F...

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Plack::Middleware::FirePHP - Middleware for FirePHP::Dispatcher

This is a Plack middleware component which enables FirePHP in your app using FirePHP::Dispatcher. Currently only the basic interface of supported. See The FirePHP::Dispatcher documentation for a list of supported methods. Please do not call "finalize...

FLORIAN/Plack-Middleware-FirePHP-0.01 - 15 Dec 2009 19:44:22 GMT - Search in distribution

PerlIO::via::ToFirePHP - log to FirePHP via an PerlIO layer

This PerlIO layer sends everything it receives to FirePHP. When constructing a filehandle using this layer using "open()", you need to pass an object of type FirePHP::Dispatcher that has been initialized with a HTTP::Headers object. A typical use of ...

MARCEL/PerlIO-via-ToFirePHP-1.100860 - 27 Mar 2010 13:12:22 GMT - Search in distribution

APR::HTTP::Headers::Compat - Make an APR::Table look like an HTTP::Headers

Under mod_perl HTTP headers are stashed in APR::Table objects. Sometimes you will encounter code (such as FirePHP::Dispatcher) that needs an HTTP::Headers. This module wraps an "APR::Table" in a subclass of "HTTP::Headers" so that it can be used wher...

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