Form::Sensible::Reflector - A base class for writing Form::Sensible reflectors.

A Reflector in Form::Sensible is a class that inspects a data source and creates a form based on what it finds there. In other words it creates a form that 'reflects' the data elements found in the data source. A good example of this would be to crea...

JAYK/Form-Sensible-0.20023 - 05 Feb 2012 23:16:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Form::Sensible::Reflector::DBIC - A reflector class based on Form::Sensible and Form::Sensible::Reflector

DHOSS/Form-Sensible-Reflector-DBIC-0.349 - 03 Feb 2011 22:47:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Form::Sensible::Reflector::MySQL - Create a Form::Sensible object from a MySQL schema

This module provides to Form::Sensible the ability to simply create from MySQL tables forms whose fields and validators reflect the schema of the database table. Forms can be created empty, or from the value of a specified row. Joins are not supporte...

LGODDARD/Form-Sensible-Reflector-MySQL-0.7 - 20 Mar 2011 10:56:45 GMT - Search in distribution

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