SVG - Perl extension for generating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents. River stage two • 28 direct dependents • 45 total dependents

SVG is a 100% Perl module which generates a nested data structure containing the DOM representation of an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image. Using SVG, you can generate SVG objects, embed other SVG instances into it, access the DOM object, create ...

MANWAR/SVG-2.87 - 19 May 2022 17:03:48 UTC - Search in distribution

SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl River stage two • 22 direct dependents • 24 total dependents

SDL_perl is a package of Perl modules that provide both functional and object oriented interfaces to the Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl 5. This package takes some liberties with the SDL API, and attempts to adhere to the spirit of both the SDL and...

FROGGS/SDL-2.548 - 19 May 2018 10:58:08 UTC - Search in distribution

meta - A simple front-end to Acme::MetaSyntactic River stage two • 56 direct dependents • 57 total dependents

meta is a simple front-end to Acme::MetaSyntactic. A few examples should make it easy to understand what it does and how it works: $ meta baz $ meta batman powie $ meta donmartin 3 kloong thoof_foing weeooweeeoooo $ meta -ws browser 4 arachne netscap...

BOOK/Acme-MetaSyntactic-1.015 - 30 Mar 2021 07:56:48 UTC - Search in distribution

perl5120delta - what is new for perl v5.12.0 River stage five • 10990 direct dependents • 31964 total dependents

This document describes differences between the 5.10.0 release and the 5.12.0 release. Many of the bug fixes in 5.12.0 are already included in the 5.10.1 maintenance release. You can see the list of those changes in the 5.10.1 release notes (perl5101...

RJBS/perl-5.36.0 - 28 May 2022 00:26:10 UTC - Search in distribution

Path::Tiny - File path utility River stage four • 839 direct dependents • 6952 total dependents

This module provides a small, fast utility for working with file paths. It is friendlier to use than File::Spec and provides easy access to functions from several other core file handling modules. It aims to be smaller and faster than many alternativ...

DAGOLDEN/Path-Tiny-0.122 - 16 Jan 2022 15:19:00 UTC - Search in distribution

Blio - domms blogging "engine" River stage zero No dependents

DOMM/Blio-2.003 - 05 Jan 2015 10:32:28 UTC - Search in distribution

Pipe - Framework to create pipes using iterators River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Building an iterating pipe with prebuilt and home made tubes. Methods logger Method to print something to the log file, especially for debugging This method is here to be use by Tube authors $self->logger("log messages"); run The method that actually...

SZABGAB/Pipe-0.05 - 18 May 2012 03:20:45 UTC - Search in distribution

Class::Date - Class for easy date and time manipulation River stage two • 11 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

This module is intended to provide a general-purpose date and datetime type for perl. You have a Class::Date class for absolute date and datetime, and have a Class::Date::Rel class for relative dates. You can use "+", "-", "<" and ">" operators as wi...

YANICK/Class-Date-1.1.17 - 01 Jun 2018 13:11:48 UTC - Search in distribution

Riji - Simple, git based blog tool River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Riji is a static site generator using Markdown, featuring RSS generation from git history. 'Riji'(日记) means diary in Chinese. POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around line 5: Non-ASCII character see...

SONGMU/Riji-v1.0.0 - 02 Jan 2022 06:46:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Perl::Critic - Critique Perl source code for best-practices. River stage three • 126 direct dependents • 398 total dependents

Perl::Critic is an extensible framework for creating and applying coding standards to Perl source code. Essentially, it is a static source code analysis engine. Perl::Critic is distributed with a number of Perl::Critic::Policy modules that attempt to...

PETDANCE/Perl-Critic-1.140 - 24 Mar 2021 03:09:35 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Template - Perl module to use HTML-like templating language River stage three • 81 direct dependents • 224 total dependents

This module attempts to make using HTML templates simple and natural. It extends standard HTML with a few new HTML-esque tags - "<TMPL_VAR>" "<TMPL_LOOP>", "<TMPL_INCLUDE>", "<TMPL_IF>", "<TMPL_ELSE>" and "<TMPL_UNLESS>". The file written with HTML a...

SAMTREGAR/HTML-Template-2.97 - 18 May 2017 20:30:05 UTC - Search in distribution - Command line tool for creating sparklines River stage zero No dependents

Create sparklines from a command line, printing either to stdout or a file. The command line options set the parameters passed to "SVG::Sparklines" to create the sparkline....

GWADEJ/SVG-Sparkline-1.12 - 15 May 2017 01:32:51 UTC - Search in distribution

GD::Simple - Simplified interface to GD library River stage three • 97 direct dependents • 153 total dependents

GD::Simple is a subclass of the GD library that shortens many of the long GD method calls by storing information about the pen color, size and position in the GD object itself. It also adds a small number of "turtle graphics" style calls for those wh...

RURBAN/GD-2.76 - 01 Feb 2022 14:50:45 UTC - Search in distribution

Dancer2 - Lightweight yet powerful web application framework River stage three • 152 direct dependents • 170 total dependents

Dancer2 is the new generation of Dancer, the lightweight web-framework for Perl. Dancer2 is a complete rewrite based on Moo. Dancer2 can optionally use XS modules for speed, but at its core remains fatpackable (packable by App::FatPacker) so you coul...

CROMEDOME/Dancer2-0.400000 - 14 Mar 2022 02:18:12 UTC - Search in distribution

IO::Any - open anything River stage two • 11 direct dependents • 24 total dependents

The aim is to provide read/write anything. The module tries to guess $what the "anything" is based on some rules. See "new" method Pod for examples and "new" and "_guess_what" code for the implementation. There are two methods "slurp" and "spew" to r...

JKUTEJ/IO-Any-0.09 - 21 Sep 2014 13:50:05 UTC - Search in distribution

Math::RPN - Perl extension for Reverse Polish Math Expression Evaluation River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

The rpn function will take a scalar or list of sclars which contain an RPN expression as a set of comma delimited values and operators, and return the result or stack, depending on context. If the function is called in an array context, it will retur...

SZABGAB/Math-RPN-1.11 - 27 Jul 2012 05:17:27 UTC - Search in distribution

EBook::MOBI - create an ebook in the MOBI format. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

BORISD/EBook-MOBI-0.72 - 26 Sep 2015 09:11:16 UTC - Search in distribution

Ftree::Name - family tree generator River stage zero No dependents

MISHIN/FamilyTreeInfo-2.3.41 - 24 Apr 2016 14:01:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Pod::Simple - framework for parsing Pod River stage five • 134 direct dependents • 31946 total dependents

Pod::Simple is a Perl library for parsing text in the Pod ("plain old documentation") markup language that is typically used for writing documentation for Perl and for Perl modules. The Pod format is explained in perlpod; the most common formatter is...

KHW/Pod-Simple-3.43 - 28 Jun 2021 21:11:50 UTC - Search in distribution

Astro::Sunrise - Perl extension for computing the sunrise/sunset on a given day River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module will return the sunrise and sunset for a given day. Months are numbered 1 to 12, in the usual way, not 0 to 11 as in C and in Perl's localtime. Eastern longitude is entered as a positive number Western longitude is entered as a negative n...

JFORGET/Astro-Sunrise-0.99 - 05 Feb 2021 18:52:59 UTC - Search in distribution
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