GIS::Distance - Calculate geographic distances.

This module calculates distances between geographic points on, at the moment, plant Earth. Various formulas are available that provide different levels of accuracy versus calculation speed tradeoffs. All distances are returned as Class::Measure objec...

BLUEFEET/GIS-Distance-0.09 - 11 Jun 2015 23:22:43 GMT - Search in distribution

GIS::Distance::Lite - Calculate geographic distances between coordinates in geodetic WGS84 format.

The module provides a method to calculate geographic distances between coordinates in geodetic WGS84 format using the Haversine formula. It is similar to GIS::Distance, but without the extra bells and whistles and without the additional dependencies....

JOBERO/GIS-Distance-Lite-1.0 - 13 May 2010 18:10:13 GMT - Search in distribution

GIS::Distance::Fast - C implementation of GIS::Distance formulas.

This distribution re-implements some, but not all, of the formulas that come with GIS::Distance in the C programming language. C code is generally much faster than the perl equivilent. In most of my testing I've found that the C version of the formul...

BLUEFEET/GIS-Distance-Fast-0.08 - 11 Jun 2015 23:22:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::Ellipsoids - Package for standard Geo:: ellipsoid a, b, f and 1/f values.

MRDVT/Geo-Ellipsoids-0.16 - 28 May 2008 02:17:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::Mercator - Compute Mercator Projection of latitude/longitude into meters

Computes Mercator Projection of input latitude/longitude coordinates (in degrees) into (x, y) coordinates (as distances in meters) from the meridian/equator. Also provides a method to convert back into latitude, longitude. Notes Use of Mercator proje...

DARNOLD/Geo-Mercator-1.01 - 29 Jan 2008 03:32:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::Inverse - Calculate geographic distance from a lat & lon pair.

This module is a pure Perl port of the NGS program in the public domain "inverse" by Robert (Sid) Safford and Stephen J. Frakes....

MRDVT/Geo-Inverse-0.05 - 07 Apr 2007 16:40:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::Distance - Calculate Distances and Closest Locations

This perl library aims to provide as many tools to make it as simple as possible to calculate distances between geographic points, and anything that can be derived from that. Currently there is support for finding the closest locations within a speci...

BLUEFEET/Geo-Distance-0.20 - 19 Oct 2012 15:25:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Statistics::MaxEntropy - Perl5 module for Maximum Entropy Modeling and Feature Induction

This module is an implementation of the Generalised and Improved Iterative Scaling (GIS, IIS) algorithms and the Feature Induction (FI) algorithm as defined in (Darroch and Ratcliff 1972) and (Della Pietra et al. 1997). The purpose of the scaling alg...

TERDOEST/Statistics-MaxEntropy-1.0 - 26 Jul 2015 20:01:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::Distance::XS - speed up Geo::Distance

The "Geo::Distance::XS" module provides faster C implementations of the distance calculations found in "Geo::Distance". See the documentation for that module for usage. NOTE: As of version 0.13, Geo::Distance automatically uses this module if it is i...

GRAY/Geo-Distance-XS-0.13 - 20 Jun 2014 07:20:17 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::BorisBikes - A very simple web service to wrap around the live Barclays cycle hire availibility data from the Transport for London website.

VICHOU/WebService-BorisBikes-0.14 - 19 Jan 2014 12:17:08 GMT - Search in distribution


HERNAN/Tutorial-Elastic-Search-With-Perl-First-Steps-Cheat-Sheet-0.02 - 26 Oct 2012 01:34:15 GMT - Search in distribution

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