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GRID::Machine - Remote Procedure Calls over a SSH link 4 ++

This module is inspired in the IPC::PerlSSH module by Paul Evans. It provides Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) via a SSH connection. What made IPC::PerlSSH appealing to me was that 'no special software is required on the remote end, other than the abilit...

CASIANO/GRID-Machine-0.127   (1 review) - 14 Jun 2011 09:11:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Sx - front-end to all the Athena and Xlib garbage for Perl GUI progamming ++

Using the Sx package is pretty simple. At the minimum, you 'use Sx;' To actually have X windows pop open and such, you need to do the following: 1) To get everything started, you should call OpenDisplay(). If OpenDisplay() returns a non-zero value, i...

FMC/Sx-2.3 - 25 Apr 1997 09:27:47 GMT - Search in distribution

parpush - Secure transfer of files between clusters via SSH ++

"parpush" push files and directories across sets of remote machines. Syntax of Cluster Description Files Unless the option "--configfile" is specified "parpush" will look for a filename named "~/.clusterrc" in the home directory. If it does not exist...

CASIANO/Net-ParSCP-0.15 - 25 Jun 2009 09:29:54 GMT - Search in distribution

GRID::Cluster - Virtual clusters using SSH links 1 ++

This module is based on the module GRID::Machine. It provides a set of methods to create 'virtual' clusters by the use of SSH links for communications among different remote hosts. Since main features of "GRID::Machine" are zero administration and mi...

EDUSEGRE/GRID-Cluster-0.04 - 18 Jan 2011 13:29:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Tk::TixGrid - Create and manipulate Tix Grid widgets 7 ++

This widget is intended as the basis of "spread sheet" like interfaces. The widget displays its contents in a two dimensional "grid" of cells. Each cell may contain one Tix display item, which may be in text, graphics or other formats. See Tk::DItem ...

SREZIC/Tk-804.032   (8 reviews) - 26 Jan 2014 17:01:07 GMT - Search in distribution

OpenGuides - A complete web application for managing a collaboratively-written guide to a city or town. ++

The OpenGuides software provides the framework for a collaboratively-written city guide. It is similar to a wiki but provides somewhat more structured data storage allowing you to annotate wiki pages with information such as category, location, and m...

BOB/OpenGuides-0.76   (3 reviews) - 08 Dec 2013 21:10:52 GMT - Search in distribution

PDL::NDBin - Multidimensional binning & histogramming 2 ++

In scientific (and other) applications, it is frequently necessary to classify a series of values in a number of bins. For instance, particles may be classified according to particle size in a number of bins of, say, 0.01 mm wide, yielding a histogra...

EBAUDREZ/PDL-NDBin-0.015 - 11 Dec 2013 10:56:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Makefile.PL - Makefile generator for Parse::Eyapp. Developer notes ++
CASIANO/Parse-Eyapp-1.182 - 23 Mar 2012 14:04:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OpenSSH - Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH 16 ++

Net::OpenSSH is a secure shell client package implemented on top of OpenSSH binary client ("ssh"). Under the hood This package is implemented around the multiplexing feature found in later versions of OpenSSH. That feature allows one to run several c...

SALVA/Net-OpenSSH-0.62   (5 reviews) - 14 Jun 2014 06:38:38 GMT - Search in distribution

VBTK::Parser - Class for handling parsing and processing of incoming data ++

This perl library is used by the data-gathering classes ( VBTK::Wrapper, VBTK::Snmp, VBTK::Tcp, VBTK::Http, and VBTK::DBI) to handle the definition and client-side processing of VBObjects. Do not attempt to call this class directly unless you are dev...

BSHENRY/VBTK-0.20 - 22 Oct 2003 04:10:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::FixEOL - Canonicalizes text to a specified EOL/EOF convention, repairing any 'mixed' usages 1 ++

Converts the EOL and EOF conventions in the passed string to a canonicalization form that handles 'mixed' EOL conventions. It canonicalizes EOL as \n (the platform defined EOL) if it does not know the particular platform. Can also 'fix' the end-of-fi...

SNOWHARE/Text-FixEOL-1.06 - 30 Jul 2011 17:00:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Debug::Client - debugger client side code for Padre, The Perl IDE. 3 ++

This is a DEVELOPMENT Release only, you have been warned! The primary use of this module is to provide debugger functionality for Padre 0.98 and beyond, This module has been tested against Perl 5.18.0 METHODS new The constructor can get two parameter...

BOWTIE/Debug-Client-0.29 - 29 Jul 2013 22:42:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Prima::codecs - How to write a codec for Prima image subsystem 8 ++

How to write a codec for Prima image subsystem Start simple There are many graphical formats in the world, and yet more libraries, that depend on them. Writing a codec that supports particular library is a tedious task, especially if one wants many f...

KARASIK/Prima-1.39   (3 reviews) - 22 May 2014 11:47:14 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Portable - Framework for server-generic web apps ++

The CGI::Portable class is a framework intended to support complex web applications that are easily portable across servers because common environment-specific details are abstracted away, including the file system type, the web server type, and your...

DUNCAND/CGI-Portable-0.51 - 08 Jun 2004 01:36:22 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Selenium - Perl Client for the Selenium Remote Control test tool 9 ++

Selenium Remote Control (SRC) is a test tool that allows you to write automated web application UI tests in any programming language against any HTTP website using any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser. SRC provides a Selenium Server, which can a...

MATTP/Test-WWW-Selenium-1.36   (3 reviews) - 15 May 2013 21:58:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Unix::Statgrab - Perl extension for collecting information about the machine 3 ++

Unix::Statgrab is a wrapper for libstatgrab as available from <http://www.i-scream.org/libstatgrab/>. It is a reasonably portable attempt to query interesting stats about your computer. It covers information on the operating system, CPU, memory usage...

REHSACK/Unix-Statgrab-0.104 - 24 Feb 2014 08:13:03 GMT - Search in distribution

PDL::Threading - Tutorial for PDL's Threading feature 16 ++
CHM/PDL-2.007   (2 reviews) - 12 Oct 2013 16:57:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Proc::Launcher - yet another forking process controller 1 ++

This library is designed to fork one or more long-running background processes and to manage them. This includes starting, stopping, and automatically restarting processes--even those that don't behave well. The pid of the forked child processes are ...

VVU/Proc-Launcher-0.0.35 - 21 Apr 2011 05:24:10 GMT - Search in distribution

SSH::RPC::Client - The requestor, or client side, of an RPC call over SSH. ++

SSH::RPC::Client allows you to make a remote procedure call over SSH to an SSH::RPC::Shell on the other end. In this way you can execute methods remotely on other servers while also passing and receiving complex data structures. The arguments and ret...

RIZEN/SSH-RPC-1.201 - 02 Nov 2009 23:50:03 GMT - Search in distribution

UI::KeyboardLayout - Module for designing keyboard layouts ++

In this section, a "keyboard" has a certain "character repertoir" (which characters may be entered using this keyboard), and a mapping associating a character in the repertoir to a keypress or to several (sequential or simultaneous) keypresses. A sma...

ILYAZ/UI-KeyboardLayout-0.67 - 17 Jun 2014 04:27:06 GMT - Search in distribution

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