GStreamer - Perl interface to version 0.10.x of the GStreamer library River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

XAOC/GStreamer-0.20 - 26 Dec 2014 05:39:19 UTC - Search in distribution

GStreamer::GConf - Perl interface to the GStreamer GConf library River stage zero No dependents

TSCH/GStreamer-GConf-0.01 - 13 Aug 2005 17:36:37 UTC - Search in distribution

GStreamer::Interfaces - Perl interface to the GStreamer Interfaces library River stage zero No dependents

TSCH/GStreamer-Interfaces-0.06 - 20 Mar 2010 13:11:44 UTC - Search in distribution

GStreamer1 - Bindings for GStreamer 1.0, the open source multimedia framework River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

GStreamer1 implements a framework that allows for processing and encoding of multimedia sources in a manner similar to a shell pipeline. Because it's introspection-based, most of the classes follow directly from the C API. Therefore, most of the docu...

TMURRAY/GStreamer1-0.003 - 27 Nov 2014 16:42:41 UTC - Search in distribution

Glib::devel - Binding developer's overview of Glib's internals River stage three • 87 direct dependents • 191 total dependents

Do you need to know how the gtk2-perl language bindings work, or need to write your own language bindings for a Glib/Gtk2-based library? Then you've come to the right place. If you are just a perl developer wanting to write programs with Glib or Gtk2...

XAOC/Glib-1.3293 - 06 Jun 2020 06:06:42 UTC - Search in distribution

App::USBKeyCopyCon - GUI console for bulk copying of USB keys River stage zero No dependents

This module implements an application for bulk copying USB flash drives (storage devices). The application was developed to run on Linux and is probably not particularly portable to other platforms. From a user's perspective the operation is simple: ...

GRANTM/App-USBKeyCopyCon-1.02 - 11 Jan 2010 06:22:22 UTC - Search in distribution

Gtk2::GladeXML::Simple - A clean object-oriented interface to Gtk2::GladeXML River stage zero No dependents

Gtk2::GladeXML::Simple is a module that provides a clean and easy interface for Gnome/Gtk2 and Glade applications using an object-oriented syntax. You just make Gtk2::GladeXML::Simple your application's base class, have your "new" call "SUPER::new", ...

AMNESIAC/Gtk2-GladeXML-Simple-0.32 - 23 Jul 2005 06:25:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Gtk2::Ex::MPlayerEmbed - a widget to embed the MPlayer media player into GTK+ applications River stage zero No dependents

Gtk2::Ex::MPlayerEmbed allows you to embed a video player into your applications. It uses the XEMBED system to allow the *mplayer* program to insert its window into your application....

GBROWN/Gtk2-Ex-MPlayerEmbed-0.02 - 02 Jan 2006 19:48:38 UTC - Search in distribution

Device::WebIO::RaspberryPi - Access RaspberryPi pins via Device::WebIO River stage zero No dependents

Access the Raspberry Pi's pins using Device::WebIO....

TMURRAY/Device-WebIO-RaspberryPi-0.900 - 07 Apr 2018 00:58:54 UTC - Search in distribution

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