WDDX - Module for reading and writing WDDX packets River stage zero No dependents

About WDDX From <http://www.wddx.org/>: The Web Distributed Data Exchange, or WDDX, is a free, open XML-based technology that allows Web applications created with any platform to easily exchange data with one another over the Web. WDDX and Perl WDDX ...

PETDANCE/WDDX-1.02 - 02 Dec 2003 03:47:05 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Template - Perl module to use HTML-like templating language River stage three • 81 direct dependents • 224 total dependents

This module attempts to make using HTML templates simple and natural. It extends standard HTML with a few new HTML-esque tags - "<TMPL_VAR>" "<TMPL_LOOP>", "<TMPL_INCLUDE>", "<TMPL_IF>", "<TMPL_ELSE>" and "<TMPL_UNLESS>". The file written with HTML a...

SAMTREGAR/HTML-Template-2.97 - 18 May 2017 20:30:05 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Template::PerlInterface - perl interface of HTML::Template::Pro River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 14 total dependents

HTML::Template::Pro is a fast C/perl+XS implementation of HTML::Template and HTML::Template::Expr. See HTML::Template::Pro for details. It fully supports template language of HTML::Template as described in HTML::Template::SYNTAX. Briefly, "This modul...

VIY/HTML-Template-Pro-0.9524 - 16 Jan 2022 20:42:34 UTC - Search in distribution
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