Games::Blackjack - Blackjack Utility Classes

Games::Blackjack provides the plumbing for implementing Blackjack games. It was originally published in the German "Linux-Magazin", the article is available online at The English vers...

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Games::Tournament::BlackJack - Framework for Simulating BlackJack Tournaments.

You can use the "Games::Tournament::BlackJack" ("GTB" for short) modules to: - Develop and objectively evaluate BlackJack strategies by subclassing C<GTB::Player> and running competitions with it. - Simulate a human player of varying memory facility ...

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Acme::MetaSyntactic::soviet - NATO codenames for Soviet-designed equipment

Some codenames given by NATO to Soviet-designed aircraft, missiles, submarines, radars and other electronic systems. The various categories and sub-categories are * electronic * electronic/radars * electronic/misc * vehicles * vehicles/aircraft * veh...

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