Games::Crossword::Puzzle - six letters for "reusable unit of code"

The .PUZ file format is used by many crossword programs and, more importantly, is offered by many newspapers. It servers as both a puzzle and a "saved game," storing the grid, the answers, the clues, and guesses. Games::Crossword::Puzzle reads .PUZ f...

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Games::Jumble - Create and solve Jumble word puzzles.

"Games::Jumble" is used to create and solve Jumble word puzzles. Currently "Games::Jumble" will create random five- and six-letter jumbled words from dictionary. Future versions of "Games::Jumble" will allow user to create custom jumbles by using a u...

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Games::Cryptoquote - Solves Cryptoquotes

This module solves cryptoquote puzzles, where each letter stands for a different letter. These puzzles are typically found in newspapers with comics and crossword puzzles. You can also find several examples on the internet, which are nice, because yo...

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