Games::EverQuest::LogLineParser - Perl extension for parsing lines from the EverQuest log file.

"Games::EverQuest::LogLineParser" provides functions related to parsing the interesting bits from an EverQuest log file. Functions "parse_eq_line($eq_line)" Returns a hash ref, containing variable keys depending on the determined line type of the giv...

PJF/Games-EverQuest-LogLineParser-0.09 - 16 Aug 2005 05:55:21 GMT - Search in distribution
  • - Perl script that converts an EverQuest log file into a CSV-like (separator is actually '|') file.
  • - Perl script that prints lines from an EverQuest log file, which are unparsable by Games::EverQuest::LogLineParser.
  • - Perl script that reports the counts of each type in an EverQuest log file.

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