Games::GuessWord - Guess the letters in a word (ie Hangman) ++

This module is a simple wrapper around a word guessing game. You have to guess the word by guessing letters in the word, and is otherwise known as Hangman. METHODS new This is the constructor. You can either pass in a list of words or a wordlist. A r...

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Games::Word::Guess - Word guess game ++
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IRC::Bot::Hangman - An IRC hangman ++

This module provides a useless IRC bot which enables you to play hangman, the classic word game. It comes shipped with a list of ~2000 english words by default. The architecture is plugin based, words, commands and responses can be extended at will b...

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OpenFrame::AppKit::Examples::Hangman - Hangman ++

"OpenFrame::AppKit::Examples::Hangman" is part of the simple hangman web application. The module contains all the logic and presentation for Hangman. Note that the application has two main entry points: the default() and the guess() subroutines. The ...

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