Games::Sudoku::OO::Board - Object oriented Sudoku solver

Games::Sudoku::OO takes an object oriented approach to solving Sudoku, representing the column, row and square as derivatives of a base Set class, which encapsulates the solving rules. The Board class is also composed of cells (which know what set th...

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Games::Sudoku::General - Solve sudoku-like puzzles.

This package solves puzzles that involve the allocation of symbols among a number of sets, such that no set contains more than one of any symbol. This class of problem includes the puzzles known as 'Sudoku', 'Number Place', and 'Wasabi'. Each Sudoku ...

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Games::Sudoku::Trainer::General_info - This program helps to train the detection of successful Sudoku solution strategies. It may also be used to get over an obstacle in a partially solved Sudoku puzzle.

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