Games::Sudoku::SudokuTk - Sudoku Game

Game Sudoku allows to solve grids Sudoku in some seconds, to generate new grids, to work out grids. 3 dimensions are possible - For the children 4x4 - Normal Sudoku 9x9 - MaxiSudoku 16x16 Symbols to be found are figures but can be drawings of animals...

CGUINE/Games-Sudoku-SudokuTk-0.14 - 07 Apr 2009 21:21:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Games::Sudoku::Component::TkPlayer - Let's play Sudoku

This is a sample application for Games::Sudoku::Component I presented at YAPC::Asia 2006. You usually don't have to bother with internals. Just run "" and enjoy!...

ISHIGAKI/Games-Sudoku-Component-TkPlayer-0.02 - 27 May 2007 06:29:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Games::Sudoku::General - Solve sudoku-like puzzles.

This package solves puzzles that involve the allocation of symbols among a number of sets, such that no set contains more than one of any symbol. This class of problem includes the puzzles known as 'Sudoku', 'Number Place', and 'Wasabi'. Each Sudoku ...

WYANT/Games-Sudoku-General-0.018 - 01 Mar 2016 16:52:01 GMT - Search in distribution

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