Gearman::Server - function call "router" and load balancer

You run a Gearman server (or more likely, many of them for both high-availability and load balancing), then have workers (using Gearman::Worker from the Gearman module, or libraries for other languages) register their ability to do certain functions ...

PALIK/Gearman-Server-v1.130.1 - 12 Jul 2016 07:48:29 GMT - Search in distribution


ATHOMASON/Gearman-Spawner-1.11 - 09 Aug 2011 22:58:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Telnet::Gearman - interact with a Gearman server through its telnet interface

This is currently only tested with Gearman v0.10....

PLU/Net-Telnet-Gearman-0.05000 - 16 Jan 2014 20:55:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Garivini - Mostly language agnostic job persistence engine for Gearman

Garivini is a set of workers and an optional "shim" client for usage with Gearman and MySQL to create an efficient job persistence layer. It can operate in high throughput, or low latency modes....

DORMANDO/Garivini-0.002 - 18 Aug 2011 19:56:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Gearman::Job - Job in gearman distributed job system

*Gearman::Job* is the object that's handed to the worker subrefs...

PALIK/Gearman-1.130.004 - 06 Aug 2016 11:03:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Resque - Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later.

Resque is a Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later. This library is a perl port of the original Ruby one: <> My main goal doing this port is to us...

DIEGOK/Resque-0.26 - 19 Aug 2016 18:28:15 GMT - Search in distribution

McBain - Framework for building portable, auto-validating and self-documenting APIs

"McBain" is a framework for building powerful APIs and applications. Writing an API with "McBain" provides the following benefits: * Lightweight-ness "McBain" is extremely lightweight, with minimal dependencies on non-core modules; only two packages;...

IDOPEREL/McBain-2.001000 - 05 Jan 2015 18:30:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Gearman - A class for testing and mocking Gearman workers.

Test::Gearman is a class for testing Gearman workers. This class only works with C version of gearmand, and Gearman::XS bindings. An actual Gearman daemon is launched, and workers are forked when you instantiate the class. The Gearman and workers are...

ROMANF/Test-Gearman-v0.2.0 - 11 Jun 2013 12:04:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Gearman::Glutch - gearman casual

Gearman::Glutch is all in one gearman server management library for casual use. Glutch spawns Gearman::Server and Gearman::Worker automatically....

TOKUHIROM/Gearman-Glutch-0.02 - 28 Sep 2012 23:51:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Gearman::Starter - Gearman workers launcher with register functions

Gearman::Starter is Gearman worker launcher with register functions from specified modules. This module is Objective backend of

SONGMU/Gearman-Starter-0.03 - 10 Jul 2014 10:18:23 GMT - Search in distribution

PSGI::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and answers

MIYAGAWA/PSGI-1.102 - 24 Jul 2013 20:13:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Async::Gearman - use Gearman with IO::Async

This module provides an IO::Async-based wrapper around Protocol::Gearman. It shouldn't be used directly; see instead * Net::Async::Gearman::Client...

PEVANS/Net-Async-Gearman-0.01 - 23 Jun 2014 16:40:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Gearman::Driver - Manages Gearman workers

Warning: This framework is still EXPERIMENTAL! Having hundreds of Gearman workers running in separate processes can consume a lot of RAM. Often many of these workers share the same code/objects, like the database layer using DBIx::Class for example. ...

PLU/Gearman-Driver-0.02008 - 16 Jan 2014 20:49:46 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Gofer - A stateless-proxy driver for communicating with a remote DBI

DBD::Gofer is a DBI database driver that forwards requests to another DBI driver, usually in a separate process, often on a separate machine. It tries to be as transparent as possible so it appears that you are using the remote driver directly. DBD::...

TIMB/DBI-1.636   (27 reviews) - 24 Apr 2016 22:20:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Gearman::Client - concrete Gearman client over an IP socket

This module combines the abstract Protocol::Gearman::Client with Net::Gearman to provide a simple synchronous concrete client implementation....

PEVANS/Protocol-Gearman-0.04 - 03 Jul 2014 18:28:47 GMT - Search in distribution

GearmanX::Worker - Working class for the Gearmand job server

This class implements the necessary infrastructure to comfortably write a gearman (<>) server. Instead of messing around with a task object where you get your arguments, you simply derive a subclass of GearmanX::Worker and defi...

DRRHO/GearmanX-Worker-0.02 - 11 Jun 2009 16:04:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Scaffold::Server - The Scaffold web engine

This module is the main entry point for an application built with Scaffold. It parses the configuration, loads the various components, makes the various connections for the CacheManager, the LockManager, initializes the SessionManager and stores the ...

KESTEB/Scaffold-0.10 - 27 Apr 2012 03:57:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Rex::Commands - All the basic commands

This module is the core commands module....

JFRIED/Rex-1.4.1 - 16 Jul 2016 08:22:06 GMT - Search in distribution

GearmanX::Starter - Start Gearman Workers

Starts a Gearman worker and registers functions. Forks and backgrounds the forked process as a daemon. When the worker receives a SIGTERM signal, it will complete any current request and then exit....

DOUGW/GearmanX-Starter-0.05 - 31 Oct 2012 00:21:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::POE::All - All of POE on CPAN

This task contains all distributions under the POE namespace....

APOCAL/Task-POE-All-1.102 - 09 Nov 2014 11:07:41 GMT - Search in distribution