Geo::Gpx - Create and parse GPX files.

The original goal of this module was to produce GPX/XML files which were parseable by both GPX Spinner and EasyGPS. As of version 0.13 it has been extended to support general parsing and generation of GPX data. GPX 1.0 and 1.1 are supported....

ANDYA/Geo-Gpx-0.26 - 29 May 2009 21:03:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Gpx::Addons::Filter - filter Geo::Gpx-data based on time-boundaries

LANTI/Gpx-Addons-Filter-0.04 - 17 Aug 2009 17:35:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::Cache - Object interface for GPS waypoints

Provide an object interface to waypoints and/or geocaches, using the Groundspeak GPX file as the reference for what fields are valid. Methods are provide for various of the fields that require special treatment. Three output methods ar...

RBOW/Geo-Cache-0.11 - 15 Nov 2008 13:33:13 GMT - Search in distribution

exiftool - Read and write meta information in files

A command-line interface to Image::ExifTool, used for reading and writing meta information in a variety of file types. *FILE* is one or more source file names, directory names, or "-" for the standard input. Metadata is read from source files and pri...

EXIFTOOL/Image-ExifTool-10.50 - 20 Apr 2017 12:54:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Audio::DSS - Extract meta data from Digital Speech Standard (DSS) files

Extract the meta information from a Digital Speech Standard (DSS) file. DSS is a compact file format used for recording voice. It is used in Olympus Digital Voice Recorders. To be precise, I assume it is used all over, but I _know_ that it is used in...

RGIBSON/Audio-DSS-0.02 - 18 Aug 2004 03:22:36 GMT - Search in distribution

GPS::Babel - Perl interface to gpsbabel

From <>: GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another, whether that format is a common mapping format like Delorme, Streets and Trips, or even a serial upload or download to a GPS unit such as those f...

ANDYA/GPS-Babel-0.11 - 29 May 2009 18:38:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::Track::Log - Represent track logs and find a location based on a track log and a date.

whereWasI()? So we were on the equator and the prime meridean at noon on Christmas. And one degree of longitude (69 statute miles) at 13:00 (1:00pm). Assuming we operated at constant velocity, where were we at 12:30? $pt = the interpolated point in b...

RGIBSON/Geo-Track-Log-0.02 - 20 Sep 2004 23:18:22 GMT - Search in distribution

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