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Geography::States - Map states and provinces to their codes, and vica versa. ++

This module lets you map states and provinces to their codes, and codes to names of provinces and states. The "Geography::States -" new ()> call takes 1 or 2 arguments. The first, required, argument is the country we are interested in. Current suppor...

ABIGAIL/Geography-States-2009040901 - 09 Apr 2009 14:35:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Geography::USStates - USA State Data ++

This module allows you to get information on US State names, their abbreviations, and couple the two together (in hashes). As well as states, the US has "Dependant Area's" like Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Sometimes you want to offer these areas in ...

DIONALM/Geography-USStates-0.12 - 26 May 1999 07:55:16 GMT - Search in distribution

PGN - Portable Game Notation for Chess ++

This is the Portable Game Notation Specification and Implementation Guide, as revised on 12th March 1994. AUTHOR Interested readers of the Internet newsgroup rec.games.chess, coordinated by Steven J. Edwards "<sje@world.std.com>". 0. PREFACE From the...

GDR/Games-Chess-0.003 - 07 Jun 1999 12:42:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Geography::Countries - 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries. ++

This module maps country names, and their 2-letter, 3-letter and numerical codes, as defined by the ISO-3166 maintenance agency [1], and defined by the UNSD. The "country" subroutine. This subroutine is exported by default. It takes a 2-letter, 3-let...

ABIGAIL/Geography-Countries-2009041301 - 13 Apr 2009 17:42:32 GMT - Search in distribution

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