Getopt::ArgvFile - interpolates script options from files into @ARGV or another array

This module simply interpolates option file hints in @ARGV by the contents of the pointed files. This enables option reading from *files* instead of or additional to the usual reading from the command line. Alternatively, you can process any array in...

JSTENZEL/Getopt-ArgvFile-1.11 - 21 Apr 2007 18:44:57 GMT - Search in distribution

pp - PAR Packager

pp creates standalone executables from Perl programs, using the compressed packager provided by PAR, and dependency detection heuristics offered by Module::ScanDeps. Source files are compressed verbatim without compilation. You may think of pp as "pe...

RSCHUPP/PAR-Packer-1.037 - 28 May 2017 11:33:53 GMT - Search in distribution

fusqlfs - FUSE file system to mount DB and provide tools to control and admin it

This FUSE-daemon allows to mount any DB as a simple filesystem. Unlike other similar "sqlfs" filesystem, it doesn't provide simple DB-backed file storage, but given you full interface to all database internals. Every table, view, function etc. is a d...

KSTEPME/FusqlFS-0.009 - 23 Feb 2013 01:01:32 GMT - Search in distribution

pod2pp - a POD to PerlPoint translator

This is a translator in the tradition of the various "pod2...", translating POD into PerlPoint files....

JSTENZEL/Pod-PerlPoint-0.06 - 22 Apr 2006 22:12:07 GMT - Search in distribution

hypertoc - generate a table of contents for HTML documents

hypertoc allows you to specify "significant elements" that will be hyperlinked to in a "Table of Contents" (ToC) for a given set of HTML documents. Basically, the ToC generated is a multi-level level list containing links to the significant elements....

RUBYKAT/HTML-GenToc-3.20 - 02 Apr 2011 07:38:09 GMT - Search in distribution
  • HTML::GenToc - Generate a Table of Contents for HTML documents.

pod2pdf - converts Pod to PDF format

pod2pdf converts documents written in Perl's POD (Plain Old Documentation) format to PDF files. Usage pod2pdf [options] input.pod >output.pdf If no input filename is specified, pod2pdf will read from STDIN, e.g. perldoc -u File::Find | pod2pdf [optio...

JONALLEN/pod2pdf-0.42 - 26 Oct 2007 08:12:57 GMT - Search in distribution

txt2html - convert plain text file to HTML.

txt2html converts plain text files to HTML. It supports headings, tables, lists, simple character markup, and hyperlinking, and is highly customizable. It recognizes some of the apparent structure of the source document (mostly whitespace and typogra...

RUBYKAT/txt2html-2.5201 - 21 May 2013 06:41:06 GMT - Search in distribution

fv2xml - convert a Tie::FieldVals datafile into XML data.

This script converts a (subset of) a Tie::FieldVals datafile into XML data....

RUBYKAT/Tie-FieldVals-0.6203 - 01 Jan 2016 02:35:15 GMT - Search in distribution
  • xml2fv - convert an XML file into Tie::FieldVals data.
  • hash2fv - convert a hash db file into Tie::FieldVals data.
  • Tie::FieldVals - an array tie for a file of enhanced Field:Value data

moddevaid - script to interface to the Module::DevAid module

Script to aid with development, by helping (and testing) auto-building of certain files, and with the steps needed in building and committing a release. At this point this uses the darcs or svk revision systems. Takes a project description, either th...

RUBYKAT/Module-DevAid-0.24 - 26 Nov 2008 02:21:12 GMT - Search in distribution

muralis - display wallpaper on your desktop.

The muralis script displays a given image file on the desktop background (that is, the root window) of an X-windows display. This tries to determine what size would best suit the image; whether to show it fullscreen or normal size, whether to show it...

RUBYKAT/X11-Muralis-0.1003 - 07 Jan 2017 00:14:18 GMT - Search in distribution

sqlreport - make reports on a table in an SQLite database

This makes a report in HTML format, of a single table from an SQLite database. One can also create a non-HTML report if one gives a certain combination of options, but this is more oriented towards HTML reports....

RUBYKAT/SQLite-Work-0.1601 - 01 Jan 2016 02:07:01 GMT - Search in distribution
  • sqlw_mail - send mail with data from an SQLite table.
  • sqlw_import - import a Field:Value datafile into an SQLite database.

colourset - substitute certain tags with generated colour names.

This uses Graphics::Colourset to generate sets of colours based on an input hue. The input file is processed, substituting certain tags for the generated colours. If the input file has a .col extension, the output file will be the filename without th...

RUBYKAT/Graphics-Colourset-0.02 - 01 Jan 2016 02:49:52 GMT - Search in distribution

html2dbk - convert XHTML to DocBook.

This script (and module) converts an XHTML file into DocBook, using both XSLT and heuristics (as XSLT alone can't do everything). This script will convert "*filename*.html" into "*filename*.xml" By default, the input file is expected to be correct XM...

RUBYKAT/html2dbk-0.0301 - 01 Jan 2016 01:57:56 GMT - Search in distribution

khatgallery - generate a HTML photo-gallery.

The khatgallery script generates a HTML photo gallery. It takes a directory of images, and generates the HTML pages and thumbnails needed. Place your photos in a new directory somewhere on your web site. Then run "khatgallery" from the command-line w...

RUBYKAT/khatgallery-0.03 - 25 Feb 2007 03:30:16 GMT - Search in distribution

PerlPoint::Converters - README and common functions for PerlPoint converters

This module contains some common functions which are useful for most PerlPoint converters....

LDOMKE/PerlPoint-Converters-1.0205 - 08 Feb 2006 15:33:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Getopt::Module - handle -M and -m options like perl

This module provides a convenient way for command-line Perl scripts to handle "-M" and "-m" options in the same way as perl....

CHOCOLATE/Getopt-Module-0.0.2 - 25 May 2014 07:11:12 GMT - Search in distribution

RT::ClientX::GrabBugs - download bugs from an RT queue and dump them as RDF

This module downloads bugs from an RT queue and dumps them as RDF. Constructor "new(%attrs)" Fairly standard Moosey "new" constructor, accepting a hash of named parameters. "main(@argv)" Alternative constructor. Processes @argv like command-line argu...

TOBYINK/RT-ClientX-GrabBugs-0.002 - 22 Jan 2014 12:51:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Proc::Application - base class for all applications

This is a application code base...

MKUL/Proc-Application-0.01 - 28 Nov 2000 09:48:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Bencher::Scenario::GetoptModules - Benchmark some popular Perl Getopt modules

Packaging a benchmark script as a Bencher scenario makes it convenient to include/exclude/add participants/datasets (either via CLI or Perl code), send the result to a central repository, among others . See Bencher and bencher (CLI) for more details....

PERLANCAR/Bencher-Scenario-GetoptModules-0.05 - 25 Jan 2017 06:25:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::CPANLists::Import::PERLANCAR::GetoptModules - Modules mentioned in PERLANCAR's mini-article series on Getopt modules (2016)

This module is generated by extracting module names mentioned in < > (retrieved on 2016-12-26). Visit the URL for the full contents....

PERLANCAR/Acme-CPANLists-Import-PERLANCAR-GetoptModules-0.001 - 26 Dec 2016 03:48:47 GMT - Search in distribution

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