Git - Perl interface to the Git version control system

[MAINTAINER NOTE: This is, plus the other files in the perl/Git directory, from github's git/git., which is a mirror of the git source. I (cpan msouth, or current maintainer) update the VERSION string (necessary on CPAN because of another CPAN...

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URI::git - git URI scheme

URI::git is an URI scheme handler for <git://> protocol....

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Git::Glog - Spicey git-log with a hint of gravatars, nutmeg and cinnamon

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  • git-glog - Spicey git-log with a hint of gravatars, nutmeg and cinnamon

Test::Git - Helper functions for test scripts using Git

Test::Git provides a number of helpful functions when running test scripts that require the creation and management of a Git repository....

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Git::Open - The totally cool way to open repository page, sometime it's hard to remember and open via browser manually.

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Git::Class - a simple git wrapper to capture output

This is a simple wrapper of a "git" executable. The strength is that you can run a "git" command and capture the output in a simple and more portable way than using "open" to pipe (which is not always implemented fully). As of this writing, most of t...

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git-deploy - automate the git steps required for a deploying code from a git repository

git-deploy is a tool written to make deployments so easy that you'll let new hires do them on their first day. Conceived and introduced at in 2008, it has changed deployments from being something that took hours, to being so easy that dep...

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Git::Bunch - Manage gitbunch directory (directory which contain git repos)

A gitbunch or bunch directory is just a term I coined to refer to a directory which contains, well, a bunch of git repositories. It can also contain other stuffs like files and non-git repositories (but they must be dot-dirs). Example: repos/ -> a gi...

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  • gitbunch - Manage gitbunch directory (directory which contain git repos)

Group::Git - Base module for group of git repository operations.

This is the base module it will try to use all roles in the "Group::Git::Cmd::*" namespace. This allows the creation of new command by just putting a role in that namespace. Classes may extend this class to implement their own methods for finding rep...

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Types::Git - Type::Tiny types for git stuff.

This module provides several Type::Tiny types for some of git's data types....

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Git::Release - Release Process Manager

Git::Release is a release manager for Git. It's based on the basic concepts of git workflow....

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Git::Fingerd - let people finger your git server for... some reason

This module implements a simple "finger" server that describes the contents of a server that hosts git repositories. You can finger @servername for a listing of repositories and finger "repo@servername" for information about a single repository. This...

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Git::Mailmap - Construct and read/write Git mailmap file.

Git::Mailmap is a pure Perl implementation of the mailmap functionality in Git. It allows to create a mailmap by adding a mapped address at a time, or removing unwanted ones. You can also read or write the mailmap file as a string. For mailmap, pleas...

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Git::XS - Perl XS binding to libgit2

This module is a Perl binding to libgit2. It attempts to make a clean OO API for dealing with git repositories from Perl. It should be very fast....

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YamlTime::Git - Git Support for YamlTime

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Git::PurePerl - A Pure Perl interface to Git repositories

This module is a Pure Perl interface to Git repositories. It was mostly based on Grit <>....

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Git::Gitalist - An interface to git influenced by Gitalist

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Git::Raw - Perl bindings to the Git linkable library (libgit2)

libgit2 <> is a pure C implementation of the Git core methods provided as a re-entrant linkable library designed to be fast and portable with a solid API. This module provides Perl bindings to the libgit2 API. WARNING: The AP...

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Git::Version - Git version objects

"Git::Version" offers specialized version objects that can compare strings corresponding to a Git version number. The actual comparison is handled by Git::Version::Compare, so the strings can be version numbers, tags from "git.git" or the output of "...

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Liquibase::Git - API and CLI to apply sql scripts from a git repo using Liquibase

Install this module on a server with Liquibase installed Assume you have an app with: * git repo containing a liquibase changeset * a database mydb-db1 * a database host The following code my $liquibase ...

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