Gnome2::Print - Perl wrappers for the Gnome Print utilities.

This module allows you to use the GNOME Print libraries within your applications written using the gtk2-perl wrapper. The GNOME Print libraries (also known as libgnomeprint and libgnomeprintui) allow you to create printable documents (using various f...

EBASSI/Gnome2-Print-1.000 - 15 Nov 2006 09:42:15 GMT - Search in distribution

PkgConfig - Pure-Perl Core-Only replacement for pkg-config

"PkgConfig" provides a pure-perl, core-only replacement for the "pkg-config" utility. This is not a description of the uses of "pkg-config" but rather a description of the differences between the C version and the Perl one. While "pkg-config" is a co...

PLICEASE/PkgConfig-0.16026 - 23 Mar 2017 10:31:56 GMT - Search in distribution
  • PkgConfig - Pure-Perl Core-Only replacement for pkg-config
  • PkgConfig - Pure-Perl Core-Only replacement for pkg-config
  • PkgConfig - Pure-Perl Core-Only replacement for pkg-config

Tk::ToolBar - A toolbar widget for Perl/Tk

This module implements a dockable toolbar. It is in the same spirit as the "short-cut" toolbars found in most major applications, such as most web browsers and text editors (where you find the "back" or "save" and other shortcut buttons). Buttons of ...

ASB/Tk-ToolBar-0.12 - 27 Feb 2015 23:06:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Glib::GenPod - POD generation utilities for Glib-based modules

This module includes several utilities for creating pod for xs-based Perl modules which build on the Glib module's foundations. The most important bits are the logic to convert the data structures created by to describe xsubs and pods i...

XAOC/Glib-1.326 - 12 Jul 2017 23:59:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Gtk2::SourceView - Perl wrappers for the GtkSourceView widget

Perl bindings to the 1.x series of the GtkSourceView widget libraries. This module allows you to write Perl applications that utilize the GtkSourceView library for source editing and printing. To discuss gtk2-perl, ask questions and flame/praise the ...

EBASSI/Gtk2-SourceView-1.000 - 27 Sep 2005 21:30:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Makefile::Parser::GmakeDB - GNU makefile parser using GNU make's database dump

This module serves as a parser for GNU makefiles. However, it does not parse user's original makefile directly. Instead it uses Makefile::DOM to parse the "data base output listing" produced by GNU make (via its "--print-data-base" option). So essent...

AGENT/Makefile-Parser-0.216 - 19 Nov 2014 01:05:03 GMT - Search in distribution

X11::FreeDesktop::DesktopEntry - an interface to .desktop files.

This module provides an object-oriented interface to files that comply with the desktop entry specification. You can query the file for available values, modify them, and also get locale information as well....

GBROWN/X11-FreeDesktop-DesktopEntry-0.04 - 12 Jan 2005 17:16:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Gtk2::Ex::MindMapView - Display mind map or outline on a Gnome2::Canvas

The MindMapView draws a mind map (or outline) on a Gnome2::Canvas. The MindMapView is an extension of the Gnome2::Canvas which is a Gtk2::Widget, so it can be placed in any Gtk2 container. This is an alpha version of the software, the functionality i...

HEMLOCK/Gtk2-Ex-MindMapView-0.000001 - 02 Apr 2006 02:18:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog - a simple, pure Perl dialog for printing PostScript data in GTK+ applications.

This module implements a dialog widget that can be used to print PostScript data. It is intended to be a lightweight and pure-perl alternative to the Gnome2::Print libraries. This module uses a simple system of operating-system specific backends that...

GBROWN/Gtk2-Ex-PrintDialog-0.03 - 25 Apr 2007 10:48:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Gnome2 - A bundle to install all the Gtk2 and Gnome2 modules.

This module bundles together all the Perl libraries available for developing applications using the 2.x series of Gtk+ and Gnome. As well as the core toolkit libraries there are also extra widgets (like Gtk2::PodViewer) and bindings for libraries inc...

GBROWN/Bundle-Gnome2-0.12 - 04 Oct 2005 12:19:23 GMT - Search in distribution

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