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Gnome2::VFS - Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME VFS library ++

Since this module tries to stick very closely to the C API, the documentation found at L<http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/gnome-vfs-2.0/> is the canonical reference. In addition to that, there's also the automatically generated API documentatio...

XAOC/Gnome2-VFS-1.082 - 01 Oct 2013 20:00:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Gtk2Fu - GTK2 Forked Ultimate, a powerful layer on top of Gtk2. (forked from ugtk2.) 1 ++

DERIVATED METHODS Not all methods are wrapped so that they can be called with a trailing _ to return the widget. If you need one that is not yet done, mail me at <dams@gentoo.org> implemented derivated methods the derivated methods are implemented on...

DAMS/Gtk2Fu-0.11 - 19 Feb 2010 20:09:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Gnome2 - A bundle to install all the Gtk2 and Gnome2 modules. ++

This module bundles together all the Perl libraries available for developing applications using the 2.x series of Gtk+ and Gnome. As well as the core toolkit libraries there are also extra widgets (like Gtk2::PodViewer) and bindings for libraries inc...

GBROWN/Bundle-Gnome2-0.12 - 04 Oct 2005 12:19:23 GMT - Search in distribution

X11::FreeDesktop::DesktopEntry - an interface to Freedesktop.org .desktop files. ++

This module provides an object-oriented interface to files that comply with the Freedesktop.org desktop entry specification. You can query the file for available values, modify them, and also get locale information as well. CONSTRUCTOR X11::FreeDeskt...

GBROWN/X11-FreeDesktop-DesktopEntry-0.04 - 12 Jan 2005 17:16:16 GMT - Search in distribution

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