Gtk2::Ex::TiedListColumn - tie an array to a column of a list TreeModel River stage zero No dependents

TiedListColumn ties an array to a single column of a list-type "Gtk2::TreeModel" object so that reading from the array reads from the model. If the model implements modification functions like "set", "insert" and "remove" in the style of "Gtk2::ListS...

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Glib::Ex::TieProperties - tied hash for Glib object property access River stage two • 17 direct dependents • 19 total dependents

"Glib::Ex::TieProperties" accesses properties of a given "Glib::Object" through a tied hash. The keys are the property names and fetching and storing values operates on the property values. If you're just getting and setting properties then the Objec...

KRYDE/Glib-Ex-ObjectBits-16 - 08 Jun 2014 10:25:52 GMT - Search in distribution

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