HOP::Parser - "Higher Order Perl" Parser

This package is based on the Parser.pm code from the book "Higher Order Perl", by Mark Jason Dominus. This module implements recursive-descent parsers by allowing programmers to build a bunch of smaller parsers to represent grammar elements and assem...

XAV/HOP-Parser-0.03 - 28 May 2012 07:51:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Nmap::Parser - parse nmap scan data with perl

This module implements a interface to the information contained in an nmap scan. It is implemented by parsing the xml scan data that is generated by nmap. This will enable anyone who utilizes nmap to quickly create fast and robust security scripts th...

APERSAUD/Nmap-Parser-1.31   (2 reviews) - 05 Apr 2013 23:27:03 GMT - Search in distribution


OVID/HOP-Lexer-0.032 - 08 Mar 2007 07:46:05 GMT - Search in distribution

PDLdb.pl - the perl debugger with PDL support

"PDLdb.pl" is an enhanced version of the perl debugger which supports PDL::NiceSlice constructs. Set the PERL5DB environment variable as shown above and it will be loaded automatically by Perl when you invoke a script with "perl -d". This documentati...

CHM/PDL-2.012   (2 reviews) - 14 Jun 2015 12:55:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Type - robust and extensible data- and valuetype system

A lot of CPAN modules have a common purpose: reporting if data has some "characteristics". Email::Valid is an illustrous example: reporting if a string has characteristics of an email address. The "address()" method reports this via returning 'yes' o...

MUENALAN/Data-Type-0.02.02 - 31 Dec 2009 13:48:47 GMT - Search in distribution

perl5db.pl - the perl debugger

"perl5db.pl" is the perl debugger. It is loaded automatically by Perl when you invoke a script with "perl -d". This documentation tries to outline the structure and services provided by "perl5db.pl", and to describe how you can use them....

RJBS/perl-5.22.0   (6 reviews) - 01 Jun 2015 17:51:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Parse::Eyapp - Bottom up parser generator

CASIANO/Parse-Eyapp-1.182 - 23 Mar 2012 14:04:42 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Webdav - Perl interface to Neon HTTP and WebDAV client library

This is the Perl interface to the neon HTTP and WebDAV client library. Most of the documentation is automaticly generated from the C header files of neon. So it looks a little bit C-ish, but is better than nothing. See also the examples in the eg dir...

GRICHTER/HTTP-Webdav-0.1.18-0.17.1 - 19 Oct 2001 04:38:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Traceroute - traceroute(1) functionality in perl

This module implements a parser for various traceroute implementations. At present, it can parse most LBL traceroute derivatives used on typical unixes, and the traceroute of cisco IOS. Traceroutes known not to be supported include that of Microsoft ...

HAG/Net-Traceroute-1.15 - 24 Mar 2014 21:09:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Traceroute6 - traceroute(1)/traceroute6(1) functionality in perl

This module implements traceroute(1)/traceroute6(1) functionality for perl5. It allows you to trace the path IP packets take to a destination. It is currently implemented as a parser around the system traceroute command....

MOHACSI/Net-Traceroute6-0.03 - 31 Aug 2001 14:28:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Bio::DB::EUtilities - Webagent which interacts with and retrieves data from NCBI's eUtils.

This is a general webagent which posts and retrieves data to NCBI's eUtils service using their CGI interface. A separate project, currently present in BioPerl-Run, utilizes the SOAP-based interface for eUtils. A full explanation of the eUtils interfa...

CJFIELDS/Bio-EUtilities-1.73 - 09 Sep 2013 03:19:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Decl::Semantics::Parse - implements a parser specification.

MICHAEL/Decl-0.11 - 21 Oct 2011 01:58:03 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::Soundcloud - Thin wrapper around Soundcloud RESTful API!

This module provides a wrapper around Soundcloud RESTful API to work with different kinds of soundcloud resources. It contains many functions for convenient use rather than standard Soundcloud RESTful API. The complete API is documented at http://dev...

MPGUTTA/WebService-Soundcloud-0.04 - 16 Mar 2013 06:48:52 GMT - Search in distribution

REST::Neo4p::ParseStream - Parse Neo4j REST responses on the fly

This module helps REST::Neo4p exploit the Neo4j <http://neo4j.org> server's chunked transfer encoding of its JSON REST responses. It is based on the fast JSON::XS incremental parser and MJD <https://metacpan.org/author/MJD>'s Higher Order Perl <http:...

MAJENSEN/REST-Neo4p-0.3010   (3 reviews) - 21 Apr 2015 04:49:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32::Tracert::Statistics - Permit access to some statistics from determined Win32::Tracert path

SDESEILLE/Win32-Tracert-0.011 - 20 Jan 2015 21:16:24 GMT - Search in distribution