HTML::TagHelper - Generate HTML tags in an easy way

The module contains some code generators to easily create tags for links, images, select-field etc. This is mostly a port of the Ruby on Rails helper tags for use in Catalyst. And alias tags name as Mojolicious::Plugin::TagHelpers....

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HTML::Prototype::Helper::Tag - Defines a tag object needed by HTML::Prototype

Defines a tag object needed by HTML::Prototype REMARKS Until version 1.43, the internal function *$self-*_tag> used *$tag-*as_XML> as its return value. By now, it will use *$tag-*as_HTML( $entities )> to invokee *HTML::Entities::encode_entities*. Thi...

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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Dancer::Plugin::TagHelper - Useful routines for generating HTML for use with Dancer + TT/Xslate ...

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