HTML::Video::Embed - convert a url into a html embed string

Converts urls into html embed codes, supported sites are Collegehumor DailyMotion EbaumsWorld FunnyOrDie Kontraband LiveLeak MetaCafe Vimeo YahooScreen Youtube

MARKELLIS/HTML-Video-Embed-0.016000 - 20 Oct 2014 22:15:37 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::HTML5::DOM - implementation of the HTML5 DOM on top of XML::LibXML

HTML::HTML5::DOM is a layer on top of XML::LibXML which provides a number of additional classes and methods for elements. Because it wraps almost every XML::LibXML method, it is not as fast as using XML::LibXML directly (which is an XS module), but i...

TOBYINK/HTML-HTML5-DOM-0.002 - 01 Jun 2014 21:25:19 GMT - Search in distribution


WBRASWELL/RPerl-2.800000 - 17 Jun 2017 03:57:16 GMT - Search in distribution

XUL::Gui - render cross platform gui applications with firefox from perl

this module exposes the entire functionality of mozilla firefox's rendering engine to perl by providing all of the " XUL " and " HTML " tags as functions and allowing you to interact with those objects directly from perl. gui applications created wit...

ASG/XUL-Gui-0.63 - 19 Sep 2010 19:39:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Sandbox - Fast template engine sandboxed from your application.

Template::Sandbox is Yet Another Templating module, designed primarily for use in a webserver environment but usable anywhere, providing a more secure "sandboxed" environment than most templating systems. The core design philosophy for Template::Sand...

SGRAHAM/Template-Sandbox-1.04 - 11 May 2010 09:08:09 GMT - Search in distribution


Contains the data defining one item. A seller populates an object of this type at listing time with the definition of a new item. A seller also uses an object of this type to re-list or revise an item. Calls that retrieve item data (such as the GetSe...

TKEEFER/eBay-API-0.25 - 26 Aug 2008 01:55:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Video::CPL - Create and manipulate Coincident TV Programming Language (CPL) files.

CSR/Video-CPL-0.10 - 10 Nov 2010 23:57:03 GMT - Search in distribution

LinkEmbedder - Embed / expand oEmbed resources and other URL / links

LinkEmbedder is a module that can expand an URL into a rich HTML snippet or simply to extract information about the URL. Note that this module is currently EXPERIMENTAL. It will replace Mojolicious::Plugin::LinkEmbedder when it gets stable. These web...

JHTHORSEN/LinkEmbedder-0.05 - 01 May 2017 20:36:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Web::oEmbed - oEmbed consumer

Web::oEmbed is a module that implements oEmbed consumer....

MIYAGAWA/Web-oEmbed-0.04 - 02 Jul 2009 22:53:51 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::HTML5::Builder - erect some scaffolding for your documents

This module can export function names corresponding to any HTML5 element. Each function returns an XML::LibXML::Element with the same name as the function. The arguments to each function are processed as a list, and used to set the attributes and con...

TOBYINK/HTML-HTML5-Builder-0.004 - 20 Oct 2011 16:29:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Declare::Tags - Build and install XML Tag subroutines for Template::Declare

"Template::Declare::Tags" is used to generate templates and install subroutines for tag sets into the calling namespace. You can specify the tag sets to install by providing a list of tag modules in the "use" statement: use Template::Declare::Tags qw...

ALEXMV/Template-Declare-0.47 - 17 Dec 2014 04:27:40 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::Embedly - Perl interface to the Embedly API

The "WebService::Embedly" is a class implementing for querying the web service. Prior to using this module you should go to <> and sign up for an api_key. You can quickly try out the API by executing: ./sample/ --apike...

JWIELAND/WebService-Embedly-0.10 - 09 May 2013 20:53:22 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::Tumblr - A Perl interface to the Tumblr web API

WebService::Tumblr is a LWP::UserAgent-based interface for accessing the Tumblr API...

ROKR/WebService-Tumblr-0.0010 - 01 Feb 2011 08:37:44 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::NOS::Open::MediaResource - client side media resource.

This class represents a media resource as returned in the latest ten videos or audio fragments list. It is the base class for the WWW::NOS::Open::Video and WWW::NOS::Open::AudioFragment classes, and an extension of the WWW::NOS::Open::Resource class....

IPENBURG/WWW-NOS-Open-0.101 - 22 Apr 2017 19:17:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Facebook::InstantArticle - Helper class for generating Facebook Instant Articles markup.

Facebook::InstantArticle is a simple helper class for generating Facebook Instant Articles markup <>. At the moment it doesn't support all of the features, and both the internal and exter...

TOREAU/Facebook-InstantArticle-0.12 - 09 Dec 2016 09:44:35 GMT - Search in distribution

App::ZofCMS::Plugin::YouTube - CRUD-type plugin to manage YouTube videos

The module is a plugin for App::ZofCMS. It provides means to have a CRUD-like (Create, Read, Update, Delete) interface for managing YouTube videos. The plugin provides a form where a user can enter the title of the video, its YouTube URI and a descri...

ZOFFIX/App-ZofCMS-1.001007 - 04 Jan 2017 22:50:47 GMT - Search in distribution

App::MojoSlides::MoreTagHelpers - More tag helpers for your slides

Extra tag helpers useful for templating and slide making...

JBERGER/App-MojoSlides-0.11 - 14 Mar 2017 00:41:19 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::GData::YouTube::Doc::GeneralOverview - General use of the YouTube API Perl client

SZABGAB/WebService-GData-0.06 - 18 Oct 2013 07:43:13 GMT - Search in distribution

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