HTTP::Message - HTTP style message (base class) River stage four • 1306 direct dependents • 8843 total dependents

An "HTTP::Message" object contains some headers and a content body. The following methods are available: $mess = HTTP::Message->new $mess = HTTP::Message->new( $headers ) $mess = HTTP::Message->new( $headers, $content ) This constructs a new message ...

OALDERS/HTTP-Message-6.32 - 18 May 2021 18:55:11 UTC - Search in distribution

HTTP::Lint - Check HTTP messages and transactions for protocol violations River stage zero No dependents

HTTP::Lint checks for protocol violation and suspicious or ambigious stuff in HTTP messages and transactions. It produces errors and warning, loosely corresponsing to MUST and SHOULD clauses in RFC2616 (HTTP/1.1 specification)....

LKUNDRAK/HTTP-Lint-1.1 - 14 Jul 2011 08:04:53 UTC - Search in distribution

HTTP::Message::JSON - a very simple superclass for JSON HTTP messages River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This is a very simple superclass used by HTTP::Request::JSON and HTTP::Response::JSON. It overrides the default behaviour of the HTTP::Headers method content_is_text. content_is_text Returns TRUE if this is a message with content type application/jso...

SKINGTON/LWP-JSON-Tiny-0.014 - 11 May 2018 18:29:32 UTC - Search in distribution

HTTP::Message::PSGI - Converts HTTP::Request and HTTP::Response from/to PSGI env and response River stage four • 727 direct dependents • 1843 total dependents

HTTP::Message::PSGI gives you convenient methods to convert an HTTP::Request object to a PSGI env hash and convert a PSGI response arrayref to a HTTP::Response object. If you want the other way around, see Plack::Request and Plack::Response....

MIYAGAWA/Plack-1.0048 - 30 Nov 2020 00:21:36 UTC - Search in distribution

Quiq::Http::Message - HTTP-Nachricht River stage zero No dependents

Ein Objekt dieser Klasse repräsentiert eine HTTP-Nachricht. Eine HTTP-Nachricht besteht aus einer oder mehreren Kopfzeilen (Header) und einem optionalen Rumpf (Body). Kopfzeilen und Rumpf werden von der Klasse als Attribute implementiert, die durch M...

FSEITZ/Quiq-1.192 - 09 Dec 2020 07:36:13 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::HTTP::Message - Lightweight objects for AnyEvent::HTTP Request/Response River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This is a base class for: * AnyEvent::HTTP::Request * AnyEvent::HTTP::Response...

RWSTAUNER/AnyEvent-HTTP-Message-0.302 - 13 Jun 2013 03:07:21 UTC - Search in distribution

Protocol::HTTP::Message - base class for HTTP request and response River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This class is base class for Protocol::HTTP::Request and Protocol::HTTP::Response designed to share common code between them. It is an abstract class and cannot be constructed directly. A message with payload can be serialized and send to network two...

SYBER/Protocol-HTTP-1.1.2 - 14 May 2021 13:10:18 UTC - Search in distribution

HTTP::MessageParser - Parse HTTP Messages River stage zero No dependents

Parse HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 Messages....

CHANSEN/HTTP-MessageParser-0.3 - 04 Apr 2006 01:26:48 UTC - Search in distribution

WARC::Record::Replay::HTTP::Message - HTTP message loaded from WARC record River stage zero No dependents

The "WARC::Record::Replay::HTTP::Message" class is the internal implementation supporting deferred loading of HTTP entity bodies....

JCB/WARC-v0.0.1 - 17 Apr 2020 01:48:44 UTC - Search in distribution

Alice::HTTP::WebSocket - Support WebSocket implementation River stage zero No dependents

Alice::HTTP::WebSocket provides WebSocket implementation through $env->{'websocket.impl'}. Currently implements draft-ietf-hybi-thewebsocketprotocol-00 <>....

LEEDO/Alice-0.20 - 30 Nov 2011 07:27:05 UTC - Search in distribution

MessagePack::RPC::HTTP::Client - Perl version of msgpack-rpc-over-http (ruby) client. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

MessagePack::RPC::HTTP::Client is a version of 'msgpack-rpc-over-http' client in Perl. Current version of this module supports only sync call. Async call and streams are not supported now....

TAGOMORIS/MessagePack-RPC-HTTP-Client-0.02 - 18 Sep 2013 15:05:55 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/App/DubiousHTTP/Tests/ River stage zero No dependents

SULLR/App-DubiousHTTP-0.037 - 28 Feb 2021 19:46:04 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/AsposeStorageCloud/Object/ River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

ASPOSE/AsposeStorageCloud-StorageApi-1.03 - 28 Sep 2017 04:29:23 UTC - Search in distribution
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