HTTP::DAV - A WebDAV client library for Perl5

HTTP::DAV is a Perl API for interacting with and modifying content on webservers using the WebDAV protocol. Now you can LOCK, DELETE and PUT files and much more on a DAV-enabled webserver. HTTP::DAV is part of the PerlDAV project hosted at http://www...

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HTTP::DAV::Nginx - Client library for Nginx WebDAV server

NGINX "supports" WebDAV by means of a module, but this support is incomplete: it only handles the WebDAV methods PUT, DELETE, MKCOL, COPY, and MOVE, and leaves the necessary OPTIONS and PROPFIND (and the optional LOCK, UNLOCK, and PROPPATCH) methods ...

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HTTP::DAV::Xythos - Subclass of HTTP::DAV which adds support for Xythos Ticket authentication.

Xythos is an enterprise web-based document management server that supports WebDAV. Tickets are a feature of Xythos that allow users to share content with only a URL and an optional password. You cannot authenticate directly to Xythos' WebDAV location...

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HTTP::DAV::Browse - browse the WebDAV tree

For the moment HTTP::DAV::Browse allows to list WebDAV folders and gather detailed information (properties) about the files inside. Can be used on Subversion WebDAV repositories. NOTE: for our https+password protected Subversion repository, I hat to ...

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  • hdb-build-tarballs - discover Subversion tags/ folders and build tarballs from the lastes tag inside

Net::Async::HTTP::DAV - support for WebDAV over Net::Async::HTTP

Does some very basic WebDAV stuff. See <>. Highly experimental, no documentation, see examples/ in source distribution. API is likely to change....

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HTTP::DAVServer - allows you to write server-side functions to accept, process and respond to WebDAV client requests. WebDAV - RFC 2518 - is a protocol which allows clients to manipulate files on a remote server using HTTP.

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Cal::DAV - a CalDAV client

"Cal::DAV" is actually a very thin wrapper round "HTTP::DAV" and "Data::ICal" but it may gain more functionality later and, in the mean time, serves as something that...

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This chapter discusses mod_perl's input and output filter handlers. If all you need is to lookup the filtering API proceed directly to the "Apache2::Filter" and "Apache2::FilterRec" manpages....

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apc2svn - Import APC into subversion with resume-where-it-left-off

Apply Rafael's perlpatch2svn to all diffs in APC skipping already applied patches. An initial run of this script took on my 1 GHz Athlon about 12 hours. Update 2003-09: 17 hours with my Athlon 2800. Yes, subversion is getting slower. We assume, our c...

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Buscador - a dynamic mail archiver with a twist

Buscador is web based mail archival and retrieval tool based around the concept of Intertwingle : In essence it provides a variety of different views on the mail using a system of plugins....

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Net::DAVTalk - Interface to talk to DAV servers

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Livelink::DAV - Perl extension for providing a Opentext Livelink EWS WebDAV connecter instance for CopyTree::VendorProof.

Livelink::DAV provides different types of methods. First, it provides connection methods to allow us to connect to Livelink EWS's WebDAV. These connection methods that you see in the SYNOPSIS are pretty self explanatory. Second, Livelink::DAV provide...

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HTTP::GHTTP - Perl interface to the gnome ghttp library

This is a fairly low level interface to the Gnome project's libghttp, which allows you to process HTTP requests to HTTP servers. There also exists a slightly higher level interface - a simple get() function which takes a URI as a parameter. This is n...

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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Apache::WebDAV - Extensible WebDAV server for Apache.

Apache::WebDAV is a WebDAV server implementation. It was originally based on Net::DAV::Server (which isn't compatible with Apache), but has undergone significant architectural changes. Apache::WebDAV can be used with a simple mod_perl handler and tie...

LOZIER/Apache-WebDAV-0.01 - 22 Nov 2006 20:32:52 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Webdav - Perl interface to Neon HTTP and WebDAV client library

This is the Perl interface to the neon HTTP and WebDAV client library. Most of the documentation is automaticly generated from the C header files of neon. So it looks a little bit C-ish, but is better than nothing. See also the examples in the eg dir...

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Filesys::Virtual - Perl extension to provide a framework for a virtual filesystem

This is a base class. See "SEE ALSO" below. EXPORT None by default. TODO Please contact David if you have any suggestions....

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CalDAV::Simple - a simple interface to calendar services via a subset of CalDAV

This is a ALPHA quality module for talking to a CalDAV server. Currently it just provides an interface for getting tasks and deleting individual tasks. This distribution is currently a lash-up: I hacked together something to solve a problem. It does ...

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File::DirSync - Syncronize two directories rapidly

File::DirSync will make two directories exactly the same. The goal is to perform this syncronization process as quickly as possible with as few stats and reads and writes as possible. It usually can perform the syncronization process within a few mil...

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MogileFS::Client - Client library for the MogileFS distributed file system.

This module is a client library for the MogileFS distributed file system. The class method 'new' creates a client object against a particular mogilefs tracker and domain. This object may then be used to store and retrieve content easily from MogileFS...

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