HTTP::DAV::Browse - browse the WebDAV tree

For the moment HTTP::DAV::Browse allows to list WebDAV folders and gather detailed information (properties) about the files inside. Can be used on Subversion WebDAV repositories. NOTE: for our https+password protected Subversion repository, I hat to ...

JKUTEJ/HTTP-DAV-Browse-0.05 - 14 Oct 2010 14:05:02 GMT - Search in distribution
  • hdb-build-tarballs - discover Subversion tags/ folders and build tarballs from the lastes tag inside

Acme::CPANLists::Import::PerlAdvent::2004 - Modules mentioned in Perl Advent Calendar 2004

This module is generated by extracting module names mentioned in <> (retrieved on 2016-11-07). Visit the URL for the full contents....

PERLANCAR/Acme-CPANLists-Import-PerlAdvent-2004-0.001 - 07 Nov 2016 11:51:51 GMT - Search in distribution

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