HTTP::Proxy - A pure Perl HTTP proxy

This module implements an HTTP proxy, using an HTTP::Daemon to accept client connections, and an LWP::UserAgent to ask for the requested pages. The most interesting feature of this proxy object is its ability to filter the HTTP requests and responses...

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HTTP::Proxy::Builder - Assemble several proxies into a single one.

Until now, HTTP::Proxy programs started as a simple one-purpose program, and quickly grew out of that when one started to "enhance" more and more web sites. Sometimes not all the features are needed, and commenting out large sections of a big proxy s...

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  • build_proxy - Combine several HTTP::Proxy based programs into one

Metabrik::Proxy::Http - proxy::http Brik

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HTTP::Proxy::Selective - Simple HTTP Proxy which serves some paths from locations on local disk.

HTTP::Proxy::Selective acts as a filter for HTTP::Proxy. You pass it a filter data structure when you create it (as per the example above), and any URLs requested through the proxy which match the filter are served from the path on local disk specifi...

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  • selective_proxy - Simple HTTP Proxy which can be configured to serve some paths from locations on local disk.

Any::Daemon::HTTP::Proxy - proxy request to a remote server

[Available since v0.24] Warning: new code, not intensively tested. There are two kinds of proxies: 1. Each Any::Daemon::HTTP::VirtualHost may define as many proxies as it needs: selected by location inside a virtual host namespace, just like other di...

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HTTP::Proxy::GreaseMonkey - Run GreaseMonkey scripts in any browser

GreaseMonkey allows arbitrary user defined Javascript to be run against specific pages. Unfortunately GreaseMonkey only works with FireFox. "HTTP::Proxy::GreaseMonkey" creates a local HTTP proxy that allows GreaseMonkey user scripts to be used with a...

ANDYA/HTTP-Proxy-GreaseMonkey-0.05 - 21 Dec 2007 00:54:22 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::Adnix - Automatically block advertising images with custom regexes

"HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::Adnix" filter module is based on "HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter" class that is part of "HTTP::Proxy" distribution. This filter tries to detect advertising images into your HTTP requests, and it replaces them with an image of your ...

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SOAP::Transport::ActiveWorks::HTTP::Proxy - Forward SOAP requests from an HTTP server to an ActiveWorks broker

SOAP::Transport::ActiveWorks::HTTP::Proxy provides a handler for use by SOAP::Transport::ActiveWorks::HTTP::Apache for forwarding requests to an ActiveWorks broker received via Apache or other HTTP server. The relationship between packages is identic...

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Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::HTTP::Proxy - HTTP Proxy authentication for Catalyst.

This module lets you use HTTP Proxy authentication with Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication. Currently this module only supports the Basic scheme, but upon request Digest will also be added. Patches welcome!...

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Plack::App::Proxy::Backend::HTTP::Tiny - backend for Plack::App::Proxy

This backend uses HTTP::Tiny to make HTTP requests. HTTP::Tiny backend is Pure-Perl only and doesn't require any architecture specific files. It is possible to bundle it e.g. by App::FatPacker....

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Plack::App::Proxy::Backend::AnyEvent::HTTP - backend which uses AnyEvent::HTTP

This backend uses AnyEvent::HTTP to make HTTP requests. This is the default backend used when no backend is specified in the constructor....

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Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::HTTP::Proxy - DEPRECATED HTTP Basic authentication for Catlayst.

This moduule lets you use HTTP Proxy authentication with Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication. Currently this module only supports the Basic scheme, but upon request Digest will also be added. Patches welcome!...

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HTTP::ProxyPAC - use a PAC (Proxy Auto Config) file to get proxy info

*HTTP::ProxyPAC* allows use of a Proxy Auto Configuration file to determine whether a URL needs to be accessed via a proxy server, and if so the URL of the proxy server. You can use a *.pac* file from a web browser, or a *wpad.dat* file obtained via ...

MACKENNA/HTTP-ProxyPAC-0.31 - 27 Mar 2010 04:35:43 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::ProxyTest - Reject an HTTP request if passed via an open proxy

Robots that send comment spam are often hidden behind anonymous open proxy servers. You can use "HTTP::ProxyTest" to look for open proxies on-the-fly and prevent such spam robots from submitting their crap. The module is particularly useful if you do...

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HTTP::CheckProxy - Perl module for testing for open proxies

This module uses LWP to test the supplied IP address to see if it will promiscuosly proxy on port 80. Caution: this can have false alarms if you are on a network where you are supposed to go through a proxy, such as AOL -- but are you supposed to be ...

DHUDES/HTTP-CheckProxy-0.4 - 03 Mar 2004 14:43:36 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::ProxyCheck - a class to check the functionality of HTTP proxy servers.

HTTP::ProxyCheck is a class to check HTTP proxy servers. It connects to given HTTP proxy servers and tries to retrieve a provided URL through them....

THOM/HTTP-ProxyCheck-1.4 - 25 May 2006 08:53:06 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::ProxySelector - Perl extension for automatically setting an anonymous proxy

Automatically selects you an anonymous proxy for use of your UserAgent instance. Just hand it your favorite proxy list site, or use the defaults. The package will then use your existing useragent instance to access the site and set it's proxy setting...

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App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP - HTTP proxy with the ability to inspect and modify content

App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP implements an HTTP proxy, which can inspect and modify the HTTP header or content before forwarding. Inspection and modification is done with plugins implementing the Net::IMP interface. The proxy is single-threaded and non-forkin...

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