HTTP::Server::Simple - Lightweight HTTP server

This is a simple standalone HTTP server. By default, it doesn't thread or fork. It does, however, act as a simple frontend which can be used to build a standalone web-based application or turn a CGI into one. It is possible to use Net::Server classes...

BPS/HTTP-Server-Simple-0.52 - 31 Mar 2017 20:44:24 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::Er - lightweight server and interface

EWILHELM/HTTP-Server-Simple-Er-v0.0.4 - 08 Aug 2009 18:19:58 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::Kwiki - Standalone Kwiki server

HTTP::Server::Simple::Kwiki is a standalone webserver for Kwiki. This means that you don't need to run it under a proper webserver. This is intended mostly for debugging Kwiki, or for when you just want to play with it without having to configure Apa...

LBROCARD/HTTP-Server-Simple-Kwiki-0.29 - 26 Mar 2005 08:52:22 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason - An abstract baseclass for a standalone mason server

JESSE/HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason-0.14 - 05 Sep 2010 15:03:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::HTTP::Server::Simple - Test::More functions for HTTP::Server::Simple

This mixin class provides methods to test an HTTP::Server::Simple-based web server. Currently, it provides only one such method: "started_ok". started_ok [$text] "started_ok" takes an optional test description. The server needs to have been configure...

ALEXMV/Test-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.11 - 10 Nov 2009 19:17:20 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::WebDAO - WebDAO handler for HTTP::Server::Simple

HTTP::Server::Simple::WebDAO is a HTTP::Server::Simple based HTTP server that can run WebDAO applications. This module only depends on HTTP::Server::Simple, which itself doesn't depend on any non-core modules so it's best to be used as an embedded we...

ZAG/HTTP-Server-Simple-WebDAO-0.04 - 25 Feb 2015 10:13:28 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI - PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple

HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI is a HTTP::Server::Simple based HTTP server that can run PSGI applications. This module only depends on HTTP::Server::Simple, which itself doesn't depend on any non-core modules so it's best to be used as an embedded web se...

MIYAGAWA/HTTP-Server-Simple-PSGI-0.16 - 22 Aug 2013 19:29:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Kwiki::Simple::Server::HTTP - Start a stand-alone kwiki http server

This Kwiki plugin let you run a standalone http server for your Kwiki under current working directory. It is helpful for debugging purpose or just startup a wiki site quickly. After installed, just run kwiki -start And a http server (based on HTTP::S...

GUGOD/Kwiki-Simple-Server-HTTP-0.03 - 21 Apr 2005 03:18:00 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::Bonjour - Bonjour plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple

HTTP::Server::Simple::Bonjour is an HTTP::Server::Simple plugin to publish the server name and TCP port via Bonjour so anyone in the local network can discover your web server....

MIYAGAWA/HTTP-Server-Simple-Bonjour-0.02 - 08 Aug 2008 05:47:11 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::Authen - Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple

HTTP::Server::Simple::Authen is an HTTP::Server::Simple plugin to allow HTTP authentication. Authentication scheme is pluggable and you can use whatever Authentication protocol that Authen::Simple supports. You can use "authenticate" method whatever ...

MIYAGAWA/HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen-0.04 - 15 Jan 2006 05:59:28 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::Recorder - Mixin to record HTTP::Server::Simple's sockets

This module allows you to record all HTTP communication between an HTTP::Server::Simple-derived server and its clients. It is a mixin, so it doesn't itself subclass HTTP::Server::Simple; you need to subclass from both HTTP::Server::Simple::Recorder a...

JESSE/HTTP-Server-Simple-Recorder-0.03 - 29 Nov 2008 03:55:32 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::Static - Serve static files with HTTP::Server::Simple

this mixin adds a method to serve static files from your HTTP::Server::Simple subclass....

SJQUINNEY/HTTP-Server-Simple-Static-0.12 - 28 Apr 2016 05:32:28 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::Dispatched - Django-like regex dispatching with request and response objects - no cruft!

FRODWITH/HTTP-Server-Simple-Dispatched-0.06 - 25 Mar 2008 04:23:56 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI::PreFork - Turn HSS into a preforking webserver and enable SSL

This module is a plugin module for the "Commands" module and handles PostgreSQL admin commands scheduled from the WebGUI....

CAVAC/HTTP-Server-Simple-CGI-PreFork-6 - 10 Oct 2016 09:24:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::HTTP::Server::Simple::StashWarnings - catch your forked server's warnings

Warnings are an important part of any application. Your web application should warn the user when something is amiss. Almost as importantly, we want to be able to test that the web application gracefully copes with bad input, the back button, and all...

JESSE/Test-HTTP-Server-Simple-StashWarnings-0.04 - 07 Jul 2009 21:23:39 GMT - Search in distribution

App::SimpleHTTPServer - Serve up a directory via http simply and easily

COFFEE/App-SimpleHTTPServer-0.002 - 15 Jan 2015 14:29:55 GMT - Search in distribution
  • serve_dir - serve a directory's contents via http

Server::Control::HTTPServerSimple - apachectl style control for HTTP::Server::Simple servers

"Server::Control::HTTPServerSimple" is a subclass of Server::Control for HTTP::Server::Simple servers....

JSWARTZ/Server-Control-0.20 - 21 Aug 2012 04:33:25 GMT - Search in distribution

POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP - Perl extension to serve HTTP requests in POE.

This module makes serving up HTTP requests a breeze in POE. The hardest thing to understand in this module is the HANDLERS. That's it! The standard way to use this module is to do this: use POE; use POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP; POE::Component:...

BINGOS/POE-Component-Server-SimpleHTTP-2.26 - 09 Mar 2017 13:06:24 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Engine::Interface::ServerSimple - HTTP::Server::Simple interface for HTTP::Engine

HTTP::Engine::Plugin::Interface::ServerSimple is wrapper for HTTP::Server::Simple. HTTP::Server::Simple is flexible web server.And it can use Net::Server, so you can make it preforking or using Coro....

YAPPO/HTTP-Engine-0.03005 - 04 Oct 2011 04:33:39 GMT - Search in distribution


TOKAREV/RPC-ExtDirect-Server-1.24 - 12 Oct 2016 08:10:46 GMT - Search in distribution

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