hashbang - Write your own language interpreters

This CPAN distribution will install a binary program on your system called '"hashbang"'. You can use this program to write your own hashbang style interpreters in Perl. Let's say you've implemented a language called "foo" in a file called "foo.pl". P...

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WWW::Hashbang::Pastebin - command line pastebin

This pastebin has no user interface - use "curl" or WWW::Hashbang::Pastebin::Client's "p" command to POST paste content. Your paste's ID is returned in the "X-Pastebin-ID" header; the URL in the "X-Pastebin-URL", as well as the response content. Appe...

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WWW::Hashbang::Pastebin::Client - a client library for WWW::Hashbang::Pastebin websites

WWW::Hashbang::Pastebin::Client is, as you might expect, a client library for interfacing with WWW::Hashbang::Pastebin websites. It also ships with an example command-line client p....

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  • p - command-line read-write access to http://p.hashbang.ca

Inline::CPR - C Perl Run. Embed Perl in C, ala Inline

Is it C? Is it Perl? It's neither, it's both. It's CPR! CPR (C Perl Run) is a "new language" that looks like C. You don't need to compile it. You just run it, much like Perl. As an added bonus, you'll get access to the full internals of Perl via the ...

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Inline::C::Cookbook - A Cornucopia of Inline C Recipes

It's a lot easier for most of us to cook a meal from a recipe, rather than just throwing things into a pot until something edible forms. So it is with programming as well. "Inline.pm" makes C programming for Perl as easy as possible. Having a set of ...

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Toadfarm::Manual::RunningToadfarm - Command line options

This manual goes through different options on how to start your Toadfarm application. Basics You can see the different options by simply running your application with no options: $ /path/to/your-script $ /path/to/your-script help Actions In addition ...

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App::GitHooks::Plugin::PerlInterpreter - Enforce a specific Perl interpreter on the first line of Perl files.

This plugin allows you to enforce a specific Perl interpreter on the first line of Perl files. This is particularly useful if you have a system Perl and a more modern PerlBrew installation on your system, and you want to make sure that other develope...

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