HoneyClient::Agent - Perl extension to instantiate a SOAP server that provides a central interface for all agent-based HoneyClient operations. ++

This library creates a SOAP server within the HoneyClient VM, allowing the HoneyClient::Manager to perform agent-based operations within the VM....

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HoneyClient::Util::Config - Perl extension to provide a generic interface to the HoneyClient global configuration file. ++

This library allows any HoneyClient module to quickly access the global configuration options, associated with this program. This library makes extensive use of the XML::XPath module....

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  • HoneyClient::Util::SOAP - Perl extension to provide a generic interface to all client and server SOAP operations, for any HoneyClient module.

HoneyClient::Manager::FW - Perl module to remotely handle firewall rule/chain creation and deletion which will provide network connectivity for the honeyclients during crawling. Additionally, it will provide protection when the honeyclients become compromised by enabling static rate limiting(tcp/udp/icmp) and MAC address filtering. ++

Once created, the daemon acts as a stand-alone SOAP server, processing individual requests from the HoneyClient manager and manipulating the IPTables ruleset on the transparent virtual honeywall....

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