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IO::Lambda - non-blocking I/O as lambda calculus 1 ++

This module is another attempt to fight the horrors of non-blocking I/O. It tries to bring back the simplicity of the declarative programming style, that is only available when one employs threads, coroutines, or co-processes. Usually coding non-bloc...

KARASIK/IO-Lambda-1.23   (2 reviews) - 18 Mar 2012 20:09:41 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::Lambda::Inotify - bridge between IO::Lambda and Linux::Inotify2 ++

The module is a bridge between Linux::Inotify2 and IO::Lambda. It uses lambda-style wrappers for subscribe and listen to inotify events, in the more or less the same interface as Linux::Inotify2 does, but with extra timeout capability for free. The m...

KARASIK/IO-Lambda-Inotify-1.01 - 07 May 2012 18:25:17 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent - the DBI of event loop programming 73 ++

AnyEvent provides a uniform interface to various event loops. This allows module authors to use event loop functionality without forcing module users to use a specific event loop implementation (since more than one event loop cannot coexist peacefull...

MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-7.07   (4 reviews) - 17 Dec 2013 18:36:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Callback::Frame - Preserve error handlers and "local" variables across callbacks ++

The problem that this module solves is that although closures preserve their lexical environment, they don't preserve error handlers or "local" variables. Consider the following piece of broken code: use AnyEvent; eval { $watcher = AE::timer 0.1, 0, ...

FRACTAL/Callback-Frame-1.100 - 21 Feb 2014 03:09:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::LastFM::Submission - Perl interface to the Last.fm Submissions Protocol 1 ++

The module provides a simple Perl interface to the Last.fm Submissions Protocol (current version is 1.2.1). The Last.fm Submissions Protocol is designed for the submission of now-playing and recent historical track data to Last.fm user profiles (aka ...

SHARIFULN/Net-LastFM-Submission-0.64 - 02 May 2009 16:00:47 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Data/Rlist.pm ++

Venue Random-Lists (Rlist) is a tag/value text format, which can "stringify" any data structure in 7-bit ASCII text. The basic types are lists and scalars. The syntax is similar, but not equal to Perl's. For example, ( "hello", "world" ) { "hello" = ...

ASPINDLER/Data-Rlist-1.44 - 27 Jul 2008 19:50:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Object::PerlDesignPatterns - Perl architecture for structuring and refactoring large programs 2 ++

PerlDesignPatterns is a free book sporting: Ideas for keeping programs fun to hack on even after they grow large. Object, lambda, hybrid structures, Perl specific methods of refactoring, object tricks, anti-patterns, non-structural recurring code pat...

SWALTERS/Object-PerlDesignPatterns-0.03   (3 reviews) - 23 Jun 2003 13:02:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Bio::Search::Result::PullResultI - Bio::Search::Result::ResultI interface for 'pull' parsers 11 ++

Bio::Search::Result::ResultI objects are data structures containing the results from the execution of a search algorithm. As such, it may contain various algorithm specific information as well as details of the execution, but will contain a few funda...

CJFIELDS/BioPerl-1.6.924 - 10 Jul 2014 20:22:23 GMT - Search in distribution

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