IPC::Run - system() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys (Unix, Win32)

IPC::Run allows you to run and interact with child processes using files, pipes, and pseudo-ttys. Both system()-style and scripted usages are supported and may be mixed. Likewise, functional and OO API styles are both supported and may be mixed. Vari...

TODDR/IPC-Run-0.96 - 12 May 2017 13:48:34 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Run::Fused - Capture Stdout/Stderr simultaneously as if it were one stream, painlessly.

Have you ever tried to do essentially the same as you would in bash do to this: parentapp <( app 2>&1 ) And found massive road works getting in the way. Sure, you can always do this style syntax: open my $fh, 'someapp --args foo 2>&1 |'; But that's n...

KENTNL/IPC-Run-Fused-1.000001 - 08 Mar 2017 15:25:32 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::PrettyPipe::Execute::IPC::Run - execution backend using IPC::Run

IPC::PrettyPipe::Execute::IPC::Run implements the IPC::PrettyPipe::Executor role, providing an execution backend for IPC::PrettyPipe using the IPC::Run module. It also provides proxied access to the IPC::Run start, pump, and finish methods. (It does ...

DJERIUS/IPC-PrettyPipe-0.03 - 21 Jul 2014 14:37:56 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Run::SafeHandles - Use IPC::Run and IPC::Run3 safely

IPC::Run and IPC::Run3 are both very upset when you try to use them under environments where you have STDOUT and/or STDERR tied to something else, such as under fastcgi. The module adds safe-guarding code when you call IPC::Run or IPC::Run3 under suc...

CLKAO/IPC-Run-SafeHandles-0.04 - 21 Aug 2012 04:21:22 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::PerlSSH::Library::Run - a library of command running functions for IPC::PerlSSH

This module provides a library of functions for executing processes on the remote system. As well as a basic "system()"-like wrapper, there are also functions for passing data in to the executed process's STDIN stream, reading from its STDOUT stream,...

PEVANS/IPC-PerlSSH-0.17 - 11 Dec 2016 23:23:40 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Run3 - run a subprocess with input/ouput redirection

This module allows you to run a subprocess and redirect stdin, stdout, and/or stderr to files and perl data structures. It aims to satisfy 99% of the need for using "system", "qx", and "open3" with a simple, extremely Perlish API. Speed, simplicity, ...

RJBS/IPC-Run3-0.048 - 29 Mar 2014 15:59:52 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::RunExternal - Execute external (shell) command and gather stdout and stderr

IPC::RunExternal is for executing external operating system programs more conveniently that with `` (backticks) or exec/system, and without all the hassle of IPC::Open3. IPC::RunExternal allows: 1) Capture STDOUT and STDERR in scalar variables. 2) Ca...

MIKKOI/IPC-RunExternal-0.09 - 27 Jun 2013 19:12:42 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Run3::Shell - Perl extension for calling system commands as if they were Perl functions

This module's goal is to provide a relatively transparent interface to system commands from regular-looking Perl functions. It is built on the module IPC::Run3 and is heavily inspired by the module Shell, but with several important differences and ad...

HAUKEX/IPC-Run3-Shell-0.54 - 23 May 2015 21:32:25 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Run3::Simple - Simple utility module to make the easy to use IPC::Run3 even more easy to use.

AYOUNG/IPC-Run3-Simple-0.011 - 23 Apr 2012 18:30:13 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::RunSession::Simple - Run a simple IPC session in the same vein as IPC::Run & Expect

A simple IPC session with read/write capability using IPC::Open3 and IO::Select...

RKRIMEN/IPC-RunSession-Simple-0.002 - 27 Oct 2009 07:42:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Bencher::Scenarios::IPCRun - Scenarios to benchmark IPC::Run

PERLANCAR/Bencher-Scenarios-IPCRun-0.002 - 25 Jan 2017 08:23:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Footprintless::CommandRunner::IPCRun - An implementation of Footprintless::CommandRunner using IPC::Run

An implementation of Footprintless::CommandRunner using "IPC::Run"....

LTHEISEN/Footprintless-1.24 - 16 Mar 2017 15:00:14 GMT - Search in distribution


OLIVER/Net-CLI-Interact-2.200006 - 30 Sep 2016 15:52:29 GMT - Search in distribution

swaks - Swiss Army Knife SMTP, the all-purpose smtp transaction tester

swaks' primary design goal is to be a flexible, scriptable, transaction-oriented SMTP test tool. It handles SMTP features and extensions such as TLS, authentication, and pipelining; multiple version of the SMTP protocol including SMTP, ESMTP, and LMT...

MSIMERSON/Mail-Toaster-5.54 - 16 Feb 2017 19:40:58 GMT - Search in distribution


Jq is a data language for querying and manipulating JSON data. It takes JSON as input; queries and manipulates; and then prints JSON as output. Jq.pm is a Perl module binding to Jq. It's inputs and outputs are Perl data abjects that can be represente...

INGY/Jq-0.01 - 02 Dec 2016 23:13:49 GMT - Search in distribution

UV - perl interface to libuv

UV provides low-level interface to libuv, https://github.com/joyent/libuv, platform layer for node.js. Low-level means this module's functions maps to libuv functions directry. "uv_listen" maps to "UV::listen", "uv_tcp_connect" to "UV::tcp_connect", ...

TYPESTER/UV-0.24 - 29 Mar 2013 08:03:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Argv - Provide an OO interface to an arg vector

An Argv object treats a command line as 3 separate entities: the *program*, the *options*, and the *args*. The *options* may be further subdivided into user-defined *option sets* by use of the "optset" method. When one of the *execution methods* is c...

DSB/Argv-1.28 - 13 May 2013 15:01:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Event - Event loop processing

ALERT: Marc Lehmann may have taken over the future of event loops in Perl. Check out his libev library and EV Perl module. 25 Aug 2009 The Event module provide a central facility to watch for various types of events and invoke a callback when these e...

ETJ/Event-1.26 - 13 Jun 2016 22:08:46 GMT - Search in distribution

perlall - build, test and do with all perls

perlall is like a better perlbrew with a lot of testing features. The perls are in the default /usr/local/bin/, and /usr/local/lib/perl5/VERSION paths, instead of locally, and . You need write access to the default PREFIX /usr/local, e.g. via "sudo"....

RURBAN/App-perlall-0.50 - 12 Jun 2016 12:48:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Expect - automate interactions with command line programs that expose a text terminal interface.

See an explanation of What is Expect <http://code-maven.com/expect> The Expect module is a successor of Comm.pl and a descendent of Chat.pl. It more closely resembles the Tcl Expect language than its predecessors. It does not contain any of the netwo...

JACOBY/Expect-1.35 - 18 May 2017 19:13:49 GMT - Search in distribution

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