IPC::ShareLite - Lightweight interface to shared memory ++

IPC::ShareLite provides a simple interface to shared memory, allowing data to be efficiently communicated between processes. Your operating system must support SysV IPC (shared memory and semaphores) in order to use this module. IPC::ShareLite provid...

ANDYA/IPC-ShareLite-0.17   (2 reviews) - 11 Mar 2009 00:37:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Tie::ShareLite - Tied hash interface to IPC::ShareLite ++

Tie::ShareLite provides for a tied hash interface to the IPC::ShareLite module that is very similar to the one provided by IPC::Shareable. Only hashes can be tied at this time. The hashes can be of any complexity allowed by the Storable module, howev...

NSHAFER/Tie-ShareLite-0.03 - 03 Aug 2004 19:20:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::AndyA - Basic working environment. ++

Nice things to have installed. AUTHOR Andy Armstrong <andy@hexten.net> ...

ANDYA/Bundle-AndyA-1.12 - 27 Oct 2010 18:43:18 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::SRLock::Sysv - Set/reset locks using System V IPC ++
PJFL/IPC-SRLock-0.24.1 - 10 Nov 2014 16:41:41 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::SharedCache - a Perl module to manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory. ++

This module provides a shared memory cache accessed as a tied hash. Shared memory is an area of memory that is available to all processes. It is accessed by choosing a key, the ipc_key arguement to tie. Every process that accesses shared memory with ...

SAMTREGAR/IPC-SharedCache-1.3   (2 reviews) - 25 Mar 2000 07:15:52 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Concurrency - Concurrency guard for processes. ++
BBKR/IPC-Concurrency-0.5 - 28 Mar 2008 16:16:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache::SharedMem - Share data between Apache children processes through the shared memory ++

This module make it easier to share data between Apache children processes through shared memory. This module internal functionment is much inspired from IPC::SharedCache, but without any cache management. The share memory segment key is automaticall...

RSOLIV/Apache-SharedMem-0.09 - 04 Oct 2001 12:22:47 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Mmap::Share - Safely share structures among processes using anonymous mmap. ++

Overview The IPC::Mmap::Share was born out of the need to share structures among processes that come from the same ancestor. It tries to do so in a very simple and straightforward manner. Just create an IPC::Mmap::Share object, and use set to store y...

ADUITSIS/IPC-Mmap-Share-0.03 - 16 Jul 2006 15:55:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Cache::FastMmap - Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache 6 ++

In multi-process environments (eg mod_perl, forking daemons, etc), it's common to want to cache information, but have that cache shared between processes. Many solutions already exist, and may suit your situation better: * MLDBM::Sync - acts as a dat...

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Bundle::Apache::Wombat - a bundle to install all Apache::Wombat related modules ++

This bundle includes the mod_perl and Wombat Bundles. AUTHOR Brian Moseley, bcm@maz.org ...

IX/Bundle-Apache-Wombat-0.5.1 - 04 Nov 2001 16:31:49 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Shareable::SharedMem - Object oriented interface to shared memory ++

This module provides and object-oriented framework to access shared memory. Its use is intended to be limited to IPC::Shareable. Therefore I have not documented an interface. AUTHOR Ben Sugars (bsugars@canoe.ca) SEE ALSO IPC::Shareable, IPC::SharedLi...

MSOUTH/IPC-Shareable-0.61 - 13 Oct 2012 00:28:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::OpenXPKI - A bundle to install modules required for OpenXPKI ++

This bundle helps with the installation of modules required for OpenXPKI. OpenXPKI is an open source trust center software which aims to create an enterprise-scale PKI solution. For more information see http://www.openxpki.org AUTHOR Alexander Klink,...

ALECH/Bundle-OpenXPKI-0.06 - 21 Nov 2008 16:12:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Cache::SharedMemoryCache - extends the MemoryCache. 1 ++

The SharedMemoryCache extends the MemoryCache class and binds the data store to shared memory so that separate process can use the same cache. The official recommendation is now to use FileCache instead of SharedMemoryCache. The reasons for this incl...

RJBS/Cache-Cache-1.08   (4 reviews) - 22 Jan 2015 16:13:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache::Session::SharedMem - Session management via shared memory ++

This module is an implementation of Apache::Session. It uses IPC::Cache to store session variables in shared memory. The advantage of this is that it is fairly fast (about the same speed, if not faster than Apache::Session::File and is very easy to s...

SIMONW/Apache-Session-SharedMem-0.6 - 22 Sep 2004 10:41:51 GMT - Search in distribution